With the NBA Finals now complete, the NBA Draft beginning this Wednesday, and NBA Free Agency starting in a week, the offseason, with all its rumors, breaking news, and more, is starting to heat up.

Rumors and reports have continued to surface surrounding potential movies the Knicks could make as they look to improve upon their team after their most successful season in many years.

Most recently, one big name has been mentioned in conversations about the Knicks: Paul George.

Paul George faces a decision of his own in the coming days, as his time in Los Angeles could be coming to an end after a five-year tenure with the team. The former All-NBA small forward can either opt into the final year of his contract with the Clippers, worth $48.8 million, or he can decline to do so, resulting in him becoming an unrestricted free agent. If George opts into the contract, it is believed that it could force the Clippers could look to move him as he might “push for a trade to another team”, according to NBA Insider Marc Stein.

While Lose Angeles finished fourth in the Western Conference this past season, they fell to the eventual West champs in the Dallas Mavericks in six games in the first round, which was a disappointing end to their season. While an argument could be made that the Clippers could continue with the core they have to try for a championship, they could also be looking to retool their team for the future, which could begin with trading Paul George.

The 8-time NBA All-Star averaged 22.6 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game in the 2023-2024 season, his fifth with the Clippers. He was a key contributor to making the Clippers a contender, along with Kawhi Leonard and James Harden, who helped lead the team as well.

The Knicks finished this past season 50-32 as the number 2 seed in the East and eventually fell to the Pacers in the second round in a seven-game series where New York was riddled with injuries. They are looking to improve and expand upon the best team the franchise has had in years.

A nine-time all-star who has been impressive offensively and defensively for the past decade, and with years of playoff experience under his belt, would likely help the team reach new heights if they could put together a trade offer enough for him.  The Knicks have six draft picks over the next two years that they could look to leverage in a potential deal, and there have also been reports over the past week that New York’s front office is looking to move center Mitchell Robinson as they attempt to resign Isaiah Hartenstein. 

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, there is a “growing feeling” that George will opt into his contract with the Clippers and likely force a trade this offseason. It was also reported that this move could happen before free agency begins this Sunday. So, within the next week, we will likely see George opt into his contract, and after that, a flurry of trade offers and proposals, with the Knickerbockers possibly involved.

Until then, the NBA Draft begins on Thursday, where the Knicks hold the 24th, 25th, and 38th overall picks. Will they hold onto their picks and select some young talent on draft night, or could they look to ship them off in a trade, potentially one for Paul George?

It will be an interesting and exciting week in the NBA as the Offseason gets underway.

Anticipation is in the air, and a lot is around Paul George, whose fate in the coming months is of heavy interest across the league; the Knicks could make a big splash early in the summer by bringing the veteran star to New York.

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