On May 13th, the New York Football Giants launched their season-long celebration of their 100th season.
And what a celebration it will be!

From the Giants 100 Logo reveal to the unveiling of the “1925” Giants fan apparel, to the announcement of the Giants debut on the very first HBO Hard Knocks-Offseason series, to the plan to celebrate the Top 100 Giants of all time.

Even a Top 64 Giants’ Plays of All-Time Playoff Bracket!  What’s next?

The official 2024 Giants season schedule is released. There was much speculation that the Giants would headline opening weekend with a prime-time game, but that doesn’t look like it will be happening. The unofficial schedule shows the Giants will open at home against the Minnesota Vikings in a 1 p.m. EDT game.

The Giants will also play the Carolina Panthers in Munich, Germany.

The 100 Seasons Logo

New York Giants
PHOTO: New York Giants

I love the full diagram explanation of the 100 Seasons Logo.  A tremendous amount of thought went into every aspect of the logo, as well as the reveal video. The Giants are a cornerstone franchise of the NFL.  I’m one of the few older (ok, really older) fans who remember the classic Giants defensive-minded teams of the 1950s and 1960s.  Sam Huff, the first real middle linebacker of the NFL, thanks to Giants defensive coordinator Tom Landry, was one of my first player heroes.  Yes, how many of you knew that Tom Landry was the Defensive Coordinator for the Giants in the late ’50s to early ’60s before he became the inaugural head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?

How many of you also knew the Packers’ legendary coach, Vince Lombard, who was the Giants’ Offensive Coordinator in the same years?  The Giants’ contributions to the overall NFL history are vast and storied.  

Top 100 Giants of All-Time

The Giants’ Top 100 Players of All Time will be fun to follow as they are released.  The selection committee (chaired by Bob Papa) has already done their work and debated this elite group of players.  Gary Myers stated on the Big Blue View podcast that the Giants supplied the committee with 110 player biographies to review.  This didn’t preclude the committee from bringing other players into the debate.

The announcements will occur over three home games during the season.  The fan debates on social media will be crazy.  Who should be ranked higher on the list, Phil Simms or Eli Manning?  Who’s No. 1?  How many players will be able to be at the festivities?  

Top 64 Giants Greatest Plays

New York Giants
PHOTO: New York Giants

Again, Bob Papa, the voice of Giants Radio Play by Play, led a committee to select the Top 64 Giants plays of all-time.

There are so many moments to remember from just the four Super Bowl runs.

Mark Bavaro’s Monday Night catch and run against the 49ers in 1986, where he dragged most of the 49ers defense for an additional 20 yards after the catch.  Mark Ingram’s catch and run against the Bills in 1990 for a critical first down.  The helmet catch by David Tyree against the Patriots in 2007.

And finally, the Mario Manningham catch on the sideline in the 2011 Super Bowl against the Patriots.  There are so many more plays to choose from.  Get the bracket and play along as Giants.com reviews the four brackets.  

No one knows what the performance of the 2024 NY Giants team will be.  We’ll have to let the season play out. 
But the lead-up to this season is off to a great start.

PHOTO: New York Giants

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