After the draft and most free agency, Giants fans still have many questions about this team and how they will play.

There are still many holes in this Giants team, but it is still essential to examine some of its position groups. 

1) How Will the Giants Utilize New Offensive Weapon, Malik Nabers?

Although the Giants’ offense has not been the best during the Daniel Jones era, one constant has remained throughout it. The Giants have never given Daniel Jones a true number 1 wide receiver. They attempted to provide him with that guy in Kenny Golliday, but we all saw how that went. Malik Nabers offers the team a special spark that we haven’t seen in years.

For the last few years, it has been Saquon and a bunch of B-level wide receivers that a quarterback with Daniel Jones’s skill level has no chance of taking to the championship level. Giants fans should be excited about how Brian Daboll is going to use Nabers and the possibility of him becoming a top-level wide receiver. 

2) How is This Young Secondary Going to Perform?

Besides the wide receiver room, the secondary was the next position group needing the most upgrades. Last year, with the emergence of Deonte Banks, Giants fans knew that this secondary was going to need a huge overhaul. In Free Agency, the Giants lost a huge piece in Xavier Mckinney, and it was clear they would need to draft his replacement.

In the second round, they selected a safety from Minnesota named Tyler Nubin. Nubin was one of the top-ranked safeties in the draft, and it seems like, for now, he will be a good selection in a position group that needs it.

In the third round, they selected cornerback Andru Phillips from Kentucky. The remaining members of the secondary include Cordale Flott, Nick Mccloud, Jason Pinnock, and Darnay Holmes. This young secondary will need to grow up a lot if it is going to be a main part of this defense. 

3) The Quarterback Position

The main question for the Giants this season will be how the quarterback position will perform. If Daniel Jones performs anything like he did last season, you might as well take the Giants’ playoff chances and throw it in the trash; if we get a Daniel Jones from the year before, there is still a chance we could make the playoffs.

This season is going to be all about what our decision for the next offseason will be. If Danny proves that he can command this offense and perform, then it is going to be a tough decision for the Giants’ front office. Still, if he performs badly, you can almost guarantee that the Giants will be looking for a new option as a quarterback next season. 


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