The Brooklyn Nets are starting a new chapter with Jordi Fernandez as their head coach.
At 41, Fernandez isn’t just bringing a new playbook to the team; he’s also bringing years of coaching knowledge from around the world.

This is a big deal because his experience and strategies could really shake things up for the Nets.

With such a diverse background, it’s exciting to think about the changes and improvements he might bring to the team as they aim for success in the upcoming season.

Jordi Fernandez, NBA’s First Spanish Coach

Jordi Fernandez is about to make NBA history by becoming the first Spanish-born head coach when the 2024-25 season kicks off. Hailing from Badalona, Spain, a place known for its strong basketball culture, Fernandez, at 41, has a rich background in coaching across different teams before landing with the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Nets

His previous roles include being the associate head coach for the Sacramento Kings under Mike Brown and spending six years with the Denver Nuggets as an assistant coach, where he played a vital role in reaching the Conference Finals during the 19/20 season.

Before these significant roles, Fernandez started his NBA journey with the Cleveland Cavaliers as a player development coach and even led the Cavs’ G-League team, the Canton Charge, showcasing his ability to nurture and develop talent.

His comprehensive coaching experiences across various levels of basketball could dramatically shift the Nets odds to win, offering fresh strategies and insights to push the team toward championship success.

Fernandez’s International Coaching Achievements

Jordi Fernandez started his coaching career at just 15 years old, right in his hometown in Spain. He showed his skills early, working as an assistant coach for Spain’s Under-19 team back in 2013. But Fernandez didn’t just stay with youth teams; he moved up to help coach the Spanish men’s national team from 2017 to 2019.

He also played a big part in coaching the Nigeria national team during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where he worked under Mike Brown, who he would later join in the NBA. Fernandez’s coaching skills are recognized around the world, too. Right now, he’s leading Canada’s men’s national basketball team.

Under his guidance, Canada won a bronze medal at the 2023 FIBA World Cup, which the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia hosted. This victory added another impressive milestone to Fernandez’s already outstanding coaching career.

Will He Be the Nets’ Secret Weapon?

Jordi Fernandez is stepping into a challenging situation with the Brooklyn Nets, a team that struggled this past season, finishing with a 32-50 record. This performance meant they were unable to make it into the playoffs. The Nets have had a tough time since their move from New Jersey to Brooklyn in 2012, especially in the playoffs, where they’ve lost eight out of ten series and haven’t made it past the second round. 

The team also made significant changes this summer, trading stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and they’re dealing with a contract situation with Ben Simmons, who played only 15 games this season despite having a guaranteed $40.3 million for the next season.

On the international stage, however, Fernandez has shown incredible prowess. Taking over the Canadian national team in June last year, he led them to a 6-2 run in the World Cup, including a notable win over the United States to secure third place. Even with his new role with the Nets, Canada Basketball has announced that Fernandez will continue to coach the Canadian team at the upcoming Paris Olympics, aiming to make them the 2024 ‘Dream Team’ to challenge the U.S.A. This dual role underscores Fernandez’s versatility and commitment, suggesting he might just be the secret weapon the Nets need to transform their future.

The Takeaway

In wrapping up, Jordi Fernandez’s entry as head coach for the Brooklyn Nets marks a potentially game-changing era for the team.

His unique blend of international experience and success on various levels of basketball sets him apart as a coach who could significantly influence the Nets’ strategies and performance in the seasons to come.

While the team has faced its share of challenges, Fernandez’s track record suggests he has the potential to be the catalyst for a dramatic turnaround.
His dual role with the Canadian team also shows his remarkable ability to manage and lead, fostering high expectations for the Nets’ future under his guidance.


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