Over the next few weeks, I will review the best prospects for the Giants’ specific position draft.

In this Blog, I will discuss the best quarterbacks from this draft

1) Caleb Williams // USC

This one is a no-brainer. Caleb Williams has been one of the best prospects the NFL has seen in some time. Although he never made it to the playoffs in the countless regular season games we saw of Caleb, he was always the most talented player on the field.

Over his three years in college, he had 10,0082 yards, 93 TDs, and 14 interceptions. These stats that he had are indicative of the type of player he is. Not only is he a good player, but he is also a generational player for a team and will change a franchise in a good way.

Chicago is going to be really lucky to have a player like Caleb, who will transform their franchise as a whole. Caleb is a dynamic player, and I am excited to see how his career turns out, especially in a place that isn’t known for doing a good job with quarterbacks. 

2) Drake Maye // UNC

This is where it begins to get tough. This is a quarterback. Then, when I watch him play, I think of a guy like Josh Allen. With the right coaches and system, Drake Maye can become a top-tier quarterback in this league. He has a great deep ball and is, overall, a very raw prospect who can get better with some time.

In his three years at UNC, where he was a starter for two of them, Drake Maye had 8,018 yards, 63 TDs, and 16 interceptions. Those are great stats with an underperforming team like UNC and I would love for the Giants to somehow jump up in this draft and grab Maye.

I believe that an offensive-minded coach like Brian Daboll can mold him into a top-tier quarterback and change this franchise for the next 10-15 years.

3) Jayden Daniels // LSU

I feel that Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye are pretty close as prospects. Jayden Daniels has arguably the highest ceiling out of any quarterbacks going in the first round. He had a great career at LSU, and I believe that if he’s put in the correct system, he will be the best QB in this draft. With the way the draft is slated to go if he is on the Patriots, I don’t see him being that good of a quarterback just because their team isn’t developed enough to add a high-level quarterback yet.

In this past season for LSU, Jayden Daniels had 3,812 passing yards, 40 TDs, and 4 Interceptions. He also had 1134 rushing yards and 10 TDs. Those stats show that if a system is put around Jayden correctly, he can easily be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. 

4) Michael Penix Jr. // Washington

This is one of my favorite picks in the draft. Being able to get a guy like Michael Penix late in the draft will be known as a steal in a few years. The one negative with Penix is that his injury history is long, but I think that if he is able to get his health in check, he will be a good quarterback.

Watching his performances in the playoffs this year made me believe in his game and the possibility of him being a good quarterback. In his senior season, Penix had 4903 yards with 36 TDs and 11 Interceptions. Although those stats aren’t the best, he has shown through the eye test that he could be great. 

5) J.J. McCarthy // Michigan 

This is one of my least favorite prospects that could go in the first round. J.J. is a quarterback who is going to go early because of his success in college. Much of that was due to the talented rosters that he played with. Michigan’s defense was a large cause of his winning.

He had 2991 yards, 22 TDs, and 4 ints in his senior season. Teams will select him based on his winnings and not on enough stats, which will show in his career. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCarthy ended up being good, but I would be shocked if that were the case.

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