I think by now it’s clear that despite what they say publicly, the Giants are very much considering taking a QB later this month in the draft.

This comes just 1 year after the Giants signed Jones to a 4 year 160 million dollar contract after Jones led to them to the playoffs. Last year, did not go to plan.  Jones played poorly before injuring his neck and then tearing his ACL.  While, as fans, we certainly have our opinions on the Giants QB’s future, Jones likely has his own as well.  It is an interesting exercise to think about what Daniel Jones is feeling/thinking about the Giants’ future at QB.

John Mara publicly said last year that the Giants had done everything possible to screw Jones up.  He has a point.  Following a promising rookie season in 2019, the Giants fired then-Head Coach Pat Shurmur and hired Joe Judge, who brought in long-time Cowboys coach Jason Garrett as his Offensive Coordinator. This led to a significant drop in numbers for Jones, and the Giants weren’t playing well.  Halfway through 2021, Garrett was fired, and Freddie Kitchens was promoted to Offensive Coordinator.  In Kitchens’s first game as OC, the Giants got a win, but Daniel Jones suffered his first of 2 neck injuries in his career and would miss the remainder of the season.  Following the 2021 season, the Giants fired Joe Judge and his staff and hired Brian Daboll, who would bring in Mike Kafka as his OC.

So, if you’re doing the math, Daniel Jones has played for 3 Head Coaches and 4 different Offensive Coordinators in his 6 years in the league.

During Jones’s career, he has played just 1 entire season.  Quite the contrary to what Giants fans were used to with Eli Manning.  While much of this can be contributed to the ebbs and flows of the game of football, the Giants offensive line certainly hasn’t helped Jones in this regard.  The Giants have had bad offensive lines for years, which didn’t help Eli Manning on the back half of his career and certainly hasn’t helped Jones.  It has led to Jones getting hit and contributed to the injuries Jones has received through the years.  On top of this, Daniel Jones hasn’t had a number 1 receiver at any point in his 6 years in New York.  The most receiving yards a Giants player has had since Daniel Jones has been here is Darius Slayton, with 770 this past season.

With all of this in mind, Daniel Jones has to be pissed off. 

Jones isn’t dumb.  He knows he hasn’t put the numbers up and played as well as he should/could have over the last 6 years.  He also knows this is a business.  That said, Jones is aware of the awful hand he has been dealt.  He knows the whole situation isn’t exactly fair to him.   Jones should want to come out in training camp and look like a number 1 QB, whether the Giants draft 1 or not.  No matter what, Jones will be a Giant this season and will likely start the season.  Daniel Jones knows that this is his last opportunity to prove not to the Giants but to the NFL that he is a starting NFL QB.

Hopefully, with Jones knowing all of this, it benefits the Giants one way or another.

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