For this year’s NFL Draft, many changes are coming to the league regarding which teams have a star quarterback and which teams have a star wide receiver.

The Giants currently have the 6th pick, which leaves them with many options for what to do with that pick. Sadly, the Giants don’t control their own destiny with the selection. In this blog, I will discuss the different situations that could happen in the draft and who the Giants should take in those situations.

Situation 1

Pick 1: Caleb Williams

Pick 2: Drake Maye

Pick 3: Jayden Daniels

Pick 4: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Pick 5: Joe Alt

The way this situation went, it almost seems like a no-brainer for the Giants. In this scenario, the Giants should select Malik Nabers from LSU. Arguably, Malik Nabers is the most talented prospect in this draft. Nabers is a 6’1 WR that runs a 4.35 40-yard dash.

This selection is the one that I am hoping for the most as a Giants fan. This pick would get the Giants the WR 1 they have been searching for since Odell Beckham Jr., and although this selection does not fix our QB problem, it definitely will help whoever the next QB to step in will be. 

Situation 2

Pick 1: Caleb Williams 

Pick 2: Drake Maye

In this scenario, the Giants decided to trade up with the Patriots and try to get their quarterback for the future. This selection would set the Giants franchise for success in the near future.

Drafting a quarterback like Jayden Daniels doesn’t happen to teams too often, and bringing him to the Giants, where Daboll gets to work with his untapped potential, would be very exciting for Giants fans to witness.

Situation 3 

Pick 1: Caleb Williams

Pick 2: Jayden Daniels

Pick 3: Drake Maye

Pick 4: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Pick 5: Malik Nabers

I don’t think the Giants should select anyone for the 6 pick in this final scenario. I would, instead, the Giants trade down with a team like the Vikings, who are desperate to find their quarterback for Justin Jefferson and hopefully get a pretty decent haul for the 6 pick. If we move down to their first-round pick, I would like us to select a Wide Receiver or an Offensive Lineman. Either of these positions will help the Giants overall and set us up nicely for next year’s draft in a rebuilding team like the Giants.

Even if we don’t get a quarterback in the first round, there is still a lot of young quarterback talent in the later rounds that would give this team the ability to thrive. Some of these quarterbacks include Michael Penix Jr., Joe Milton, and Bo Nix. I would be happy if we drafted any of these quarterbacks, especially after drafting a wide receiver like Nabers. 

Honestly, whatever Daboll and Schoen decide, as a Giants fan, I will be happy with it. They are finally getting the ability to build from the ground up rather than try to win with a team that was far from winning anything. Dave Gettleman left this team in an awful situation, and Schoen is trying to clean that mess up to set us up for a more fantastic future. 

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