Well, it actually happened. Saquon Barkley is no longer a New York Giant. And to make matters much worse, instead of going to a team that fans wouldn’t be too upset about (like the Chargers or Texans), he decided to go to the Philadelphia Eagles. Getting that news on Monday afternoon was the biggest punch to the heart that I’ve had in a very long time. I was fully expecting Saquon to be shipped out of New York, but not like this. Along with losing Saquon Barkley, the Giants also lost Xavier Mckinney to the Packers, who signed him to a new deal.

There are many different approaches that Giants fans are taking in order to cope with the departure of Saquon Barkley. Some fans are happy he’s gone and don’t care about him going to the Eagles. Other fans are heartbroken that the guy who wanted to be a “Giant for Life” would backstab the organization’s fans like this. Listen, I know Saquon hasn’t had the best seasons in the past 6 years, but no one can deny that he was one of the brightest spots of a Giants franchise that has been lacking skill for the majority of the 6 years that he played in New York. 

Now that we are past the elephant in the room that is Saquon Barkley’s departure, let’s get into the other moves that the Giants made that will impact the team this season. The most significant move that Joe Schoen made was trading for superstar defense end Brian Burns. In the trade, the Giants gave up a 2024 2nd-round pick (39th) and a 2025 5th-round pick. Along with this trade, the Giants also signed Brian Burns to a 5 year 150 Million dollar deal. This was a great way to make Giants fans feel better after the devastating news of losing Saquon. 

Along with upgrading our defensive line, the Giants also signed Jon Runyan Jr to a 3-year, $30 Million deal. If you remember Jon Runyan Sr., he was a former offensive lineman for the Eagles, and I personally am happy to have the former Saint Joe’s Prep Graduate on this side of the turnpike. The Giants also signed another offensive lineman named Jermaine Eluemanor from the Raiders, and although I am not too knowledgeable about his game based on his recent tweets, I know he’ll be a hard worker and give everything he has for the Giants. 

Some other signings the Giants have recently made include Devin Singletary and Jalen Mills. Both of these moves provide value for the team, and I am excited to see if they can be productive come August. 

Now, to talk about the future of the team. For starters, Daniel Jones is still our starting quarterback, which will make it extremely difficult to make any big moves, but it does make me question what the Giants’ plans are for the number 6 draft pick, whether it is to trade up, move down, or just make the pick as is.

It will be an exciting couple of weeks for Giants fans while we evaluate possible picks and go through different scenarios.

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