NFL Free Agency is here.

The franchise tag window has closed.  Teams have until Monday to resign their own.  After that, the frenzy begins.  Giants Nation was hit with a bit of surprising news.  Russell Wilson had an “exploratory” meeting with the Giants.  It is a pivotal offseason for the Giants, and the position of QB needs to be addressed, but does bringing in Russell Wilson make sense?

The Giants are a team full of holes that must be addressed through free agency and the draft.  One of those holes is QB.  The Giants are heavily in the rumor mill of selecting one in the draft.  Before that happens, though, the Giants are likely to bring in a veteran to, at the very least, backup Daniel Jones.  At the very most, that veteran can provide competition for Daniel Jones.  With that being said, I don’t think anyone expected that “competition” to possibly be Russell Wilson.  The number 1 reason why this could actually happen is the financial side.

With the Broncos cutting Wilson, they owe him 39 million dollars this year.  This allows Russell Wilson to sign for the veteran minimum.  This is where it makes sense, not just for the Giants but for any team looking to bring in a QB.  Not often does a QB the caliber of Russell Wilson hit the market at that price, even if Wilson isn’t what he once was.  The issue is that the Giants are still paying Daniel Jones for this year.  More than likely, this is Jones’s last year with the Giants.  The thought was that the Giants would bring in a capable backup/competition and likely draft a rookie to sit and learn for a year.  Wilson, though, isn’t just a capable backup/competition; he is a starting NFL QB.

It was just a year ago that the Giants gave Daniel Jones a contract worth 40 million dollars a year.  Since then, Jones played poorly, suffered the second neck injury of his career, and tore his ACL.  To go along with that, the Giants now have the number 6 pick in the draft and are in a position to draft a QB for the future.  With that being said, what if the Giants don’t draft a QB?  I’m on record saying they shouldn’t draft a QB just for the sake of drafting one.  So, if they don’t, should we trust Jones to be the starting QB with no potential replacement out there?  If Russell Wilson, who, by the way, threw 26 touchdowns and 8 interceptions last year, is willing to come into training camp, compete with Daniel Jones, and be the Giants starter whether they have a rookie QB or not, I think it makes sense.  Especially when you factor in, the Giants have a Head Coach with a history of getting the best out of QBs.

I was a Daniel Jones guy.  I wanted to pay him.  I was happy they did.  Now, though, I can’t trust a QB with 2 neck injuries and a torn ACL who hasn’t been able to put it together on a consistent basis.  Bringing in a guy like Wilson gives you a chance to win now, and if you draft a QB, a Super Bowl winning guy to learn from.  If you don’t draft a QB, he offers you a chance to win now and a potential veteran to play again next year while you figure out the future.

The Giants wouldn’t be meeting with Wilson if they still looked at DJ as their franchise QB.  The Giants are likely going to move on from Jones either way after this season.  While yes, this would accelerate that plan, why not bring in a stop gap for the next 1-2 years in Wilson while you figure out who exactly is your future QB?

If Wilson understands the situation he would be walking into, then he makes sense to sign at the veteran minimum.

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