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A year ago, I did not think the Giants would be in a position to draft a QB again.  I certainly didn’t believe that I would be advocating for it.  Well, here we are.  Now, while I do think the Giants should take a QB if they like one, the if is the biggest part of that equation.

The Giants QB situation is that of uncertainty as it stands right now.  The Giants of course signed Daniel Jones to a 4 year deal last offseason.  While I have changed my stance on Daniel Jones being the QB of the future, the fact of the matter is he is still someone I feel comfortable with as a starter.  With that being said, the Giants need to address the position further through either free agency, the draft, or both. Daniel Jones injury history warrants that, and that is a huge reason in which I don’t trust him as the franchise QB going forward.  This is where the draft comes in.

Even the biggest Daniel Jones supporters cannot deny the fact that it is time to move on IF the Giants have strong conviction on one of these QB’s coming out.  The Giants draft position puts them in a precarious spot.  4 of the 5 teams in front of the Giants have the potential of drafting a QB.  This could lead to the Giants not having any of their top QBs left to take.  Come April, there may be an urge within the fanbase to take one anyway.  Joe Schoen needs to fight the urge to take a QB for the sake of taking a QB.

Taking a QB for the sake of taking one could set the Giants back even more.  If Schoen and company love one or 2 or even 3 of these guys, they should try trading up.  If that doesn’t work, and they are forced to stay put, do not reach to take a QB that you don’t feel is worth the number 6 pick.  Take the best available player, trade back, do what you feel is best for this franchise.  Taking another QB that isn’t going to be the guy, isn’t going to help this team now, or in the future.

It has been 5 years since the Giants used the number 6 pick on Daniel Jones.  Now, they hold the number 6 pick again.

Use it wisely.

(Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran / USA Today)

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