After a disappointing season, there were a few highlights to this season that I feel are important to take a look back at before getting into NFL draft season. Over the last 5 years, the Giants have arguably had 4 disappointing seasons and it doesn’t end with this one. This season the Giants had a record of 6-11 and departed ways with its Defensive Coordinator. To relive this season I am going to go over the top 5 games from this season. 

5.Giants vs Bills- A Sunday Night Showdown

Final Bills 14 – 9 Giants

I know. I know. Having a loss in the top 5 games for the Giants is not the best way to start the list, but this game was exciting for some Giants fans. Although it was a generally boring low-scoring game. For Giants fans, this was an exciting game because they were able to keep up with one of the best teams in the NFL. The Giants didn’t end up scoring a touchdown but kept it close enough to have an almost game-winning touchdown in the end. Having a loss on this list shows how bad this season was for Giants fans.

4.Commanders vs Giants- Devito or Defense

Final Giants 31- 19 Commanders

This was the first win in the Devito era for Giants fans. It was the start of the most exciting time to be a Giants fan in some time. He began to enter the media circle as the Jersey-born kid starting for the Giants. He ended up throwing for 3 touchdowns and the defense did a great job of intercepting Sam Howell 3 times. The defense was a huge part of this win but in the end, most of the fans were contributing the win to the savior of this season Tommy Cutlets. The Giants were 3-8 at this time and this gave fans an idea of what it might be like to have a competent team. 

3.Eagles vs Giants- Cry Eagles Cry

Final Giants 27-10 Eagles

If there’s one thing I hate more than watching a Giants loss it’s an Eagles win. This was the last game of the season and there was no better way to end this horrible season than beating the Eagles. The Eagles this season had one of the biggest fall offs in terms of being a top team in a long time. They came into New York the last game of the season and played their starters even though they were already clinched for the playoffs. The Giants ruffled the Eagles feathers in this game and it led to them taking out their starters and playing a bad game against the Bucs the following week to be eliminated from the Playoffs.

2.Packers vs Giants- The Rise of Tommy Cutlets

Final- Giants 24- 22 Packers 

This was arguably the game of the year for the Giants. This was a primetime game where all the questions people were asking was if Tommy Devito was going to be able to pull off the win against the red hot Packers at the time. The Packers were coming off wins against teams like the Lions and Chiefs and then they had to deal with Tommy Cutlets. The Giants played their best full game of the season and came out on top in a primetime game where everyone counted us out. Saquon had 2 touchdowns on 20 carries and it gave Giants fans hope once again for a better future.

1. Cardinals vs Giants- The Comeback Kid

Final- Giants 31- 28 Cardinals

After losing 40-0 to the Cowboys in week 1 it was not that crazy to say that this game was a must win for the Giants. Not only was this a must win it was a prove it game to the fans. Prove it to the fans that this season shouldn’t be thrown in the trash already. This game started off with the Giants being down 20-0. The Giants started this season being 60 points in the negative. The first play of the second half against Arizona was a 58 yard bomb to Hyatt. After that play the Giants seemingly came back and ended up winning.This game was the best game for the season for the Giants in a disappointing year and we as fans can hope for a better list next year. 

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