Here is the remaining of the Top 10 Picks in the First Round for the New York Giants

4. Saquon Barkley

Saquon is a pivotal part of the Giants over the past few years. He has been the franchise player for a team that desperately needs one. But there’s a point in time where a fan needs to realize a running back in the top 5 probably wasn’t the best idea. Saquon through all the injuries and bad seasons has been a bright spot for the team. After winning Offensive Rookie of the Year,  fans thought we just got the new Barry Sanders. And we did have that but injuries and slowing down after being used so much caused the Giants to have to consider other options and this offseason might be the last one with 26 on the roster. 

3. Kayvon Thibodeaux

Kayvon has been a bright spot on this Giants defense the last 2 seasons. He had an average season during his rookie season but began the road to becoming a valuable piece in this Giants defense in his second year. He finished with 11.5 sacks and proved the Giants are going to need him to perform if they are going to make any gains defensively. Throughout his two seasons, he has had many plays that caused turnovers and led to wins. Although Kayvon was receiving many comments in the offseason that involved him being a bust he turned it around into becoming a top tier piece in this defense.

  1. Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas has been the franchise tackle that the Giants have been looking for many years. When he was first drafted everyone thought he was a bust. He clearly looked like the worst of the tackles drafted. In his second year he improved largely and became the tackle that he is today. Today, Andrew is an All-Pro caliber player and is arguably one of the two most important players remaining on this Giants offense. We got an idea of what the offensive line looked like this season without Andrew Thomas and as a whole iot looked awful. This upcoming season we are going to need to see Andrew Thomas stay healthy and remain that All- Pro caliber Tackle we know he is.

1.Dexter Lawrence

Sexy Dexy is the best player the Giants have drafted in the first round in the past 10 years. Dexter has been the key to this Giants defense and without him it would probably trend towards the bottom of the league. Sexy Dexy is an All- Pro Defensive Tackle that has been with the Giants since he was drafted by Gettleman. A Lot of people love to hate on Gettleman but the one thing that he did right for this team was draft Sexy Dexy in the first round. He will continue to be a pivotal part of this defense for many years to come. 

In probably the most important offseason for the Giants in recent history this is one first round that they have to nail.

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