The Giants season did not go the way anyone wanted in 2023.

Despite the fact that they missed the playoffs, Brian Daboll was able to hold the locker room together amidst all the chaos.  This is no easy feat.  This is especially true when there was added chaos behind the scene with the Giants coaching staff, especially Wink Martindale.  Now that the circumstances regarding Brian Daboll and his coaching staff have seen the light of day, Daboll has an uncommon issue to address going into the 2024 season.

Going into 2024, Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen face a season that will likely decide if they are here in 2025.  Daboll now has to do that with potentially 3 new coordinators.  Thomas McGaughey, the Giants former special teams coordinator, was fired by Daboll.  Wink Martindale infamously cursed Daboll out after hearing Daboll fired 2 of his top assistants.  Mike Kafka, as of now, is still the Giants offensive coordinator.  But he is interviewing for multiple head coaching jobs, and there is reported tension between him and Daboll as well.  These are obviously not ideal circumstances, but it is clear that Brian Daboll needs to change some things with both his new coaches, and ones that are sticking around.

You rarely hear about a coach having issues with their assistants.  It is usually a Head Coach having a problem with the locker room.  While Daboll has proven to be a solid head coach in this league, there obviously needs to be some changes about the way he communicates with his staff.  This is especially true since the rest of the locker room is now aware of these things, and will undoubtedly be paying attention to them.

I am far from the first one to draw this comparison, but this needs to be Daboll’s “Coughlin Year.”

Former Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin entered 2007 with 3 new coordinators and a reputation of being a ruthless Head Coach towards his players.  It became clear to him that he needed to change, and he did.  This famously led to the Giants locker room embracing him in route to a Super Bowl title.  While the circumstances are a bit different in that Daboll has a locker room of players that like playing for him.  He needs to change so he can bring in and keep coaches that love working for/with him.

Everyone knows how big of a year this is for both Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen.  Brian Daboll needs to make the necessary changes in order to succeed as the Giants Head Coach.

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