This year on Christmas Day the Giants could do something that hasn’t been done since 2013. Since 2013 the Giants haven’t beaten the Eagles in Philadelphia since October 27, 2013. This time, the red hot Tommy Devito was starting against the MVP Candidate Jalen Hurts. 

A Christmas Miracle?

At the start of the game, it seemed like it was going to be all Eagles like it has been the last few times these two teams met especially since it was going into the half 20-3 seemingly taking away any hope the Giants had of sneaking a victory. But then at halftime Brian Daboll and the coaching staff did something unexpected. They decided to bench the current golden child and national star Tommy Devito for Tyrod Taylor. This move must have sparked the Giants both Offensively and Defensively because after the benching of Devito, the Giants scored 15 straight points making this a one-possession game. Although the Giants lost 33-25 there was a lot that Giants fans learned from this game. 

Sleeping With The Fishes

If there was one thing that Giants fans learned from this game it is that the Tommy Devito experiment is officially over. The chances that Devito would be a starter for this team at the start of next season is almost 0. This move of benching him and not starting him next week for the game against the Rams tells us that the starting QB for next season is most likely not on this roster and during the offseason there are going to be some major changes in the quarterback area of this team. 

Positives from Christmas Day

One positive that I was able to take from Monday’s game against the Eagles was Darius Slayton. Darius Slayton is a guy who is up for a contract that many Giants fans were not sure if he was going to be back next season although he has been the Giants leading wide receiver over the last couple of years. This game against the Eagles I think cemented his chances of being on this team next year hopefully with a new QB that he can help develop with. Although he only had 3 catches for 90 yards and a touchdown his big play ability is something that I think can help the Giants for years to come

What’s Next?

Now that the Tommy Devito historic run is over it is important to think about what’s next for this Giants team. The Giants have two games against the Rams and Eagles remaining. Both of these games are seemingly meaningless for the Giants so the best case would most likely be to remain competitive in these games and end up losing so the draft pick remains top 5. These next two games are going to be important ones for the future of the quarterback position for the New York Giants. 

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