As a New York Giants fan this has been one of the most confusing seasons in years. We just came off of one of our arguably most successful seasons of the last 12 years and had high expectations coming into this season. Now at the bye, the Giants are sitting third in the division at 4-8. A couple of months ago if you asked me where the Giants were at this point in the season I would have said at least 7-5, but to be 4-8 through 12 games after the start the Giants had last year is slightly disappointing. But if you told me that although  All-Pro Left Tackle Andrew Thomas and Quarterback Daniel Jones would have been hurt for the majority of the season so far and there’s still a chance we can sneak into the playoffs. I would say that this isn’t the worst the season could have gone.

The Giants were merely two plays away from being 6-6 and in serious wildcard contention. But now after two back-to-back wins the Tommy Devito-led Giants are truly in a weird spot.

Currently, the Giants are two games behind in the NFC Wildcard with three games against the Packers, Saints, and Rams coming up. All of those teams are in the battle for that sixth and seventh wildcard spot. At the same time, the Giants also hold the number six pick in next year’s draft. So now the question almost every Giants fan is asking themself is what should I be rooting for?

This is a unique season because it is one of the most highly scouted QB draft classes in a while. This draft class contains the names Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Michael Penix Jr., Jayden Daniels, and Bo Nix. Not to mention Marvin Harrison Jr. who is arguably the best receiver we have seen come out of the draft since Calvin Johnson. Giants fans had a lot to think about draft-wise just 2 weeks ago when they had a top-three pick and would ultimately have their choice of one of the top QBs or even Marvin Harrison Jr. 

On the other hand, the Giants remaining schedule is games against the Packers, Rams, Saints, and the Eagles twice. Who’s to say we don’t win all three of those games, split the season with the Eagles, and possibly spark an 8-9 playoff run? One of the toughest things to do as a fan who genuinely enjoys sitting every Sunday and watching their favorite team play is actively rooting for losses and with a story of a QB like Tommy Devito it only gets harder. It’s also a tough decision because The Giants have been a team that has been met with mediocrity for many years and sometimes it just takes being really bad for two years or so in order to change it up and get the right guy playing quarterback and to lead a team to the Superbowl. The coaches and the players won’t tank the season just to get a better draft pick but honestly it’s tough for a fan to decide if they want to stick it out and end with another close to .500 record or to just be really bad and hopefully change the outcome of their team’s future.

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