After an all-time loss to the Jets, the Giants travel to Las Vegas this weekend to take on the Raiders.

The Raiders have been struggling in their own right, having just fired their Head Coach and General Manager.  Who did they hire as their new coach?  None other then former Giant Antonio Pierce!  While I think I speak collectively for all Giants fans in saying we are happy for him, the Giants need a win.  To get ready for this one, let’s take a look back on the Giants and Raiders 2005 New Years Eve meeting.

Coming into this one, the Giants needed a win to capture their first NFC East Crown in 5 years.  The Raiders, on the other hand, were playing for nothing.  Still, they weren’t going to lay down for the Giants.  Early on in the 1st quarter, the Giants made a big splash.  Running Back Tiki Barber ran for a 95 yard touchdown run, setting the Giants record for longest touchdown run.  After a Jay Feely field goal, the Raiders would strike back.  Ex-Giant, Kerry Collins, would throw a 15 yard touchdown pass to All-World Wide Receiver Randy Moss.  That brought the score to 10-7 Giants.  In the 2nd quarter, the Giants would make another huge splash.  Eli Manning would hit receiver Plaxico Burress for a 78 yard touchdown pass to bring the Giants lead to 17-7.  Again though, Collins wasn’t going to let his former team off that easy.

Late in the 3rd quarter, Collins hit receiver Doug Gabriel for a touchdown pass to bring the score to 20-14 after another Feely field goal.  The Giants would once again punch it in again with Running Back Brandon Jacobs.  Collins would answer once again by hitting Moss for his second touchdown of the day on a 44 yard pass.  Another Feely field goal would give the Giants a 9 point lead in the 4th quarter.  The Raiders would once again have a chance to close in, but were stuffed at the goal line 4 straight times by the Giants D.

With that, the Giants would defeat the Raiders 30-21, and were crowned NFC East Champions. 

The Giants vs Raiders game on Sunday obviously doesn’t have the stakes that this one did.  But the Giants need a win.  The negative turmoil surrounding this team right now does nothing good for anyone.  Daniel Jones is back, and hopefully so is Andrew Thomas.  Even with the loss of Leonard Williams, this defense has been playing outstanding football.  To top if off, the Giants are benching Jimmy Garoppolo in favor of rookie Aidan O’Connell.  There is no excuse to lose this game.

The Giants need to go into Vegas, and win a game their supposed to win, just as they did 18 years ago.

Highlights to this Classic:

(Photo: AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

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