As the offseason continues, rumors continue to circulate throughout the league, and in the past week, one surrounding a major star has emerged.
Giannis Antetokounmpo is under contract for two more years with the Bucks, but he hasn’t made any future commitments.

This has brought about questions of whether he’ll stay in Milwaukee permanently or if he’ll want a change of scenery in the future.

Rumors have swirled that the Knicks are interested in Giannis if he becomes available.

But could that really happen, and who else is interested?

Let’s look at the possibilities for the former MVP’s future and if he could end up in New York.

Does Giannis Want Out of Milwaukee?

Giannis is eligible for a contract extension next month, but he has made it clear that he does not intend to take advantage of that this offseason. In a recent interview with the New York Times, he stated that he values winning more championships over spending his entire with one team. Giannis has had his taste of success in his time in the NBA, as he was part of the Bucks team that won their first-ever NBA Championship in 2021.

Since then, however, Milwaukee has failed to make it past the semifinals in the two previous seasons despite 50+ wins in regular seasons. He has not confirmed he intends to leave the Bucks, but it’s clear that there is a possibility of a change of scenery for Giannis.

New York is Interested

The Knicks have been reported to be interested in acquiring Giannis, per Marc Stein. Over the summer, New York attempted to sign Giannis’s brother, Thanasis Antetokounmpo. This is believed to possibly have been to help a future attempt to land the former MVP.

The Knicks have been collecting draft picks over previous years, possibly building towards a trade for a superstar. They own picks from the Mavericks, Bucks, Pistons, and Wizards in addition to their own. If Giannis does not resign with the Bucks, the Knicks will want to be at the front of the line to try to acquire him.

Other Potential Suitors

Along with the Knicks, the Lakers are also said to be very interested in Giannis. The Lakers employed Kostas Antetokounmpo as a two-way player previously. However, there will be many other teams interested, as it’ll be hard to find a team not interested in adding the championship-hungry former MVP to their roster.

What Are the Odds?

Well, for now, Giannis will enter a new season still with the Bucks under contract for two more years. The Knicks will undoubtedly keep their eye on him, along with many other interested front offices.

A tipping point will likely arrive next summer when the Bucks will offer Giannis a deal, and he’ll make a decision to stay or leave.

It’s tough to tell the odds now, but Giannis is choosing to keep the pressure on the Bucks, and if he leaves, the Knicks are presumed to be one of the teams at the front of the line for him.

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