Ho-hum, another MLS season just trodding along, and where is NYCFC in the mix?
Well, if you’re excited about watching a race to the Eastern Conference bottom, the Pigeons are doing a great job this season.  

The biggest and real question that needs to be asked… Does NYCFC believe in itself anymore?

For NYCFC, draws now mean wins, apparently.

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If there was a trophy given out in Major League Soccer for being a top team who can pull out draws on a weekly basis, NYCFC certainly would be in the running for that trophy.  The Pigeons have gone eleven matches consecutively in MLS league play without a single win – a single-match victory.  Of course, NYCFC has pulled out five draws in a row during this same stretch, so it’s fair to say that at least the Pigeons aren’t losing every single week.

However, an MLS team only picks up a single point for a draw, and five draws in a row mean five points for NYCFC during this same time span.  More importantly, the Pigeons have lost ten more possible points during this same stretch, hurting any chance for this squad to make the MLS playoffs in the fall.

Does NYCFC believe in itself anymore?

The statement above is a legitimate question at this point because the Pigeons seem to be just listlessly going through the motions this season.  At first, it looked like moving Santi Rodgriguez around would help the sputtering offensive attack, but that seems to have fizzled out, too, and I don’t blame Santi necessarily for that.  With a lackluster 4-7-9 record, NYCFC just looks like a team without a purpose in Major League Soccer this season.

With a decent 4-2-3 record at home, the Pigeons are still looking for that elusive first win on the road with a horrible 0-5-6 road record (but yes, six draws do help a little bit point-wise.)  NYCFC can’t seem to find the net either, with a -5 goal differential (21 goals for, 26 goals conceded).

While it seems obvious, is there an answer out there just waiting for NYCFC to find so that this squad can salvage what’s left of this season?

That, soccer fans, is the big question, and with no less than nine draws this season so far, the problem seems to be pinpointed on the fact that NYCFC can’t seem to finish off matches.

Let’s be honest, nine draws could have easily been nine wins, and then the dynamics of 2023 look completely different.
NYCFC isn’t a terrible team this year; they just aren’t a good team, either.

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