It’s that time of year again.

I have been writing blogs for this website for almost 2 years now, and this blog has become an annual tradition: The Giants need to change their uniforms.

The uniform change doesn’t have to be wholesale; in fact, the Giants have to turn their clocks back just a bit to find the answer.

Back in 2000, the Giants underwent a full-blown makeover.  Their uniforms went from their classic 80s and 90s uniforms with Giants on the helmet to the blue uniforms they wear now with the NY on the helmet.  Those home uniforms have remained largely the same, besides the change to white pants.  The Giants’ current away jerseys have only been around since 2005, though.

To me, these uniforms have run their course.  I am sick of seeing no blue in our away jerseys.  The Giants are nicknamed “Big Blue” for a reason.  That is why the Giants should go back to the away uniforms they wore from 2000-2004:

Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

This uniform is criminally underrated.  It captures the best of both worlds.  It has red, but also much more blue.  The helmet looks better with this uniform.  It’s just a much cleaner look.  The only issue now is that the Giants’ home uniforms don’t have grey pants anymore.  Personally, I would be fine going back to the grey pants, but if you have to throw white pants on this away uniform, then so be it.

What throws a wrench in this idea is the Giants’ recent implementation of their throwback uniforms.

Last year, the Giants introduced their “Legacy” uniforms.  This uniform is a throwback to the 80s and 90s Giants uniforms.  This was followed by overwhelmingly favoring reviews.  The Giants also have their “Color Rush” uniforms.  These uniforms have been around since 2016 and are basically the away uniforms from the 80s and 90s.  Many fans will say these should be permanent uniforms.

To me, though, these should remain the throwbacks.  Despite these throwback uniforms being excellent, the Giants have one of the best logos in the NFL right now.  The NY may be simple, but everyone knows what that logo means when they see it.  Getting rid of that logo cannot happen for me.

That’s why I suggest the following for the Giants’ uniform set…

Home // Current with either Grey or White pants.

Photo: John Munson/AP Photo

Away // 2000-2004 set with either Grey or White pants (must match the home)

Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

Alternate // Legacy uniforms and Color Rush uniforms for 2-4 games a year

Photo: New York Giants
Photo: New York Giants

The above-listed uniform set will honor the past uniforms whilst improving the current set.

We all just want a Giants victory on Sundays, but looking good while doing it wouldn’t hurt, either.

Photo: New York Giants

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