The NFL released their schedules for all 32 teams, thus giving us, as Giants fans, a glimpse of what may be coming for this upcoming season.

Here’s my prediction for their season, game by game.

Week One: Home vs. Dallas (W, 1-0)

I think this is the year that this rivalry truly becomes competitive again.

It should be a close game, and I believe the hyped-up crowd helps get the Giants a win on Sunday Night Football.

Week Two: at Arizona (W, 2-0)

Simply put, I do not think the Cardinals are very good.

This should be an easier one for big blue.

Week Three: at San Francisco (L, 2-1)

This is where it gets tricky.

The 49ers are a great team, and the Giants will struggle with them on the road.

Week Four: Home vs. Seattle (W, 3-1)

Revenge game from last year.

As an Illini, though, I’ll be cheering for Witherspoon.

Week Five: at Miami (L, 3-2)

Miami’s receivers might have a field day with rookie Deonte Banks.

Week Six: at Buffalo (L, 3-3)

The Bills are the best team in football.

This being a road game, is just adding salt to the wound.

Week Seven: vs. Washington (W, 4-3)

These games are ALWAYS close.

Sam Howell at QB creates a nice advantage for the Giants, though.

Week Eight: Home vs. Jets (L, 4-4)

This hurts to say, but this is a tough one for the Giants.

That Jets’ defense will be elite.

Week Nine: at Las Vegas (W, 5-4)

The Raiders will be a nice pickup for a Giants team hungry to get back on track.

Week Ten: at Dallas (L, 5-5)

It’s hard to beat a divisional opponent twice, incredibly one as talented as the Cowboys.

Week Eleven: at Washington (W, 6-5)

The Commanders can’t hang with us this year.

Week Twelve: vs. New England (W, 7-5)

Hopefully, this new regime will have the same success as the past against the Pats.

It could be a low-scoring cold-weather game.

Week Thirteen: vs. Green Bay (W, 8-5)

This could be an intense stretch for the Giants, and this could be an easier one if Jordan Love is no good.

Week Fourteen: at New Orleans (W, 9-5)

The Saints could be a solid team, but the Giants will be rolling in with momentum on both sides of the ball.

Week Fifteen: at Philly (L, 9-6)

Have to be realistic here; the Giants still have plenty of holes.

Week Sixteen: vs. Rams (W, 10-6)

The Rams have really fallen off. I do not see them taking another step forward this season.

Week Seventeen: vs. Philly (L, 10-7)

Hopefully, this is much like last year, when it’s a meaningless game for the Giants because they have clinched. The Eagles are, as of now, the better team, though.


Final record, 10-7.

An improved year for the Giants, and more to build upon for the future. Another solid offseason and the Giants could have something truly special.

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