We are so deep into NFL draft season it hurts.  Players are rising and falling on draft boards, mock drafts are coming hot and heavy, and fans are growing more anxious by the day.  One way to ease some of the stress that comes from thinking about the Giants’ draft is to look back at past drafts.  Today, we will look at one of the best draft classes in Giants’ history.

2007 was an interesting time in the Giants’ history.  Jerry Reese was entering his first season as Giants GM with Head Coach Tom Coughlin and QB Eli Manning on the hot seat.  The Giants were in need of a winning season; otherwise, they likely would have began a full-blown rebuild.  A solid draft class would be a tremendous help in achieving that winning season.  While Jerry Reese wouldn’t end up going down in history as a great drafter, he struck gold in 2007.

The Giants had 8 draft picks in the ’07 draft.  SIX of those 8 draft picks would end up playing an essential role in the Giants’ 2007 Super Bowl season and beyond.  In the first round, the Giants selected cornerback Aaron Ross out of Texas.  Ross would be a starter for the better half of 6 seasons and would earn 2 Super Bowl Rings with the Giants.  In the 2nd round, the Giants selected Wide Receiver Steve Smith out of USC.  Smith would end up being Eli Manning’s go-to slot receiver and would set the team record for receptions in a single year in 2010.  In the 3rd round, the Giants took D-tackle Jay Alford.  While Alford didn’t have the longevity the other guys in this draft class did, who could forget the sack Jay Alford had on Tom Brady late in Super Bowl 42?

In the 4th round.  The Giants took Linebacker Zak DeOssie.  While DeOssie never made a significant impact as a Linebacker, he would end up being the Giants’ long snapper for 13 seasons.  Some may not think having a long snapper matters, but those people clearly don’t know about the Trey Junkin game.  In the 5th round, the Giants would take Tight End Kevin Boss.  Boss played a huge role in the 2007 season when starter Jeremy Shockey went down.  Boss filled in nicely and made a huge reception in the Super Bowl right after halftime.  Boss would then end up being Eli Manning’s starting tight end for the next 3 seasons.  The Giants’ biggest steal of the 2007 draft was in the 7th round.  They took Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw out of Marshall.  Bradshaw made some huge runs in the 2007 season, especially in Buffalo when he ran the Giants into the playoffs with an 88-yard touchdown.  He then became an essential part of the 2008 Giants, “Earth, Wind, and Fire” trio with Brandon Jacobs and Derrik Ward.  Once Ward left, he and Jacobs became a formidable 1-2 duo before Bradshaw eventually became the lead back.

The Giants’ 2007 draft class obviously played a huge impact in the Giants ’07 season and beyond.  There is more to take away from this, though.  It shows how important mid-round draft picks can be in building a team.  If you hit on those, they become the building blocks of your team.  That is why as a fan, it is important to learn about who your team is drafting at all spots.

Just a week away from the 2023 draft, the Giants can only hope to have the same success the ’07 Giants did.

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