With the 2022 season wrapped up, fans are highly anticipating the playoffs in September. Unfortunately, the previous season didn’t give the best results.
The Giants finished off the year with the first .500 finish but couldn’t manage to rebuild the team. The Giants were also hit by injuries, which affected the team.

With a couple of months until the next season, it will be exciting to see if the Giants will pin their faith on the young, athletic players. 

Oshane Ximines

26-year-old Oshane Ximines got selected in the NFL Draft of 2019. At the beginning of 2022, Ximines dealt with hamstring issues and could only return later in the season. He had six quarterback hits and was shown to be a really strong defender for the Giants. Some would argue that he hasn’t managed to reach his full potential, as he didn’t get more than 25 tackles in one season.

On the other hand, experts believe that he should be given a chance this season. Even though he was injured, he has shown tremendous development. For the same reason, fans will be hoping to place bets on him at https://betting.com/new-york for this season, where the odds will likely be in his favor.

Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones 

What’s Next For The Giants This Season?
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With the NFL free agency 2023 beginning on March 15, there is much speculation surrounding these two players. Some believe that Daniel Jones should be signed for a long term. However, there are rumors that he is seeking $45 million per season, which would put him on the list for the highest contract and would make him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks. If the Giants want a quarterback, which is difficult to find, Jones might be their best offer.

When it comes to Saquon Barkley, people are more divided. Some experts deem Barkley as an explosive player who has shown a good performance despite injuries affecting his games. However, some believe that because of injuries, it will be too big of a risk. Allegedly, he has already been offered $12,5 million, which he declined. Perhaps, the Giants would be better off finding another running back.   

The Wide Receiver

Right after the end of the season, talk has been surrounding free agents like 24-year-old Isaiah Hodgins, who was re-signed for a year on February 16th. Even though he wasn’t performing at his best with the Buffalo Bills, he has regained confidence. In an interview on the Big Blue podcast, he seems to be focused on setting records and helping his team win. 

Currently, he is at the price of $870.000. And there are still other names in the mix, such as Todd McShay and Matt Miller, so nothing is official.


Things are at stake for the next season. Many fans are anticipating what will happen with the quarterback situation.

But only time can tell in terms of whether the Giants will put their money on Daniel Jones or Saquon Barkley.

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