The last ten years as a part of the Giants fan base has not been easy for any of us. If we are being honest, the Giants were one of the worst run organizations in the league from the end of Super Bowl 46 until Dave Gettleman’s “resignation”. Whether it be awful drafting, such as Erick Flowers or Deandre Baker, or bad free agency signings, like recently released Kenny Golladay, they really struggled to even build competitive rosters.

However, it is extremely easy to forget just how lucky we are as Giants fans. Many of us have seen at least 2 Super Bowls, and many have even seen 4. Even putting the championships aside, in my time as a fan, the Giants have had two (regular) starting quarterbacks in Eli Manning and Daniel Jones. Even for the best franchises, that is not normal.

It’s safe to say, even with such an awful patch of being one of the NFL’s bottom feeders, even the youngest of Giants fans have some amazing memories to look back on. Whether it be any of the Super Bowls, Odell’s stretch of greatness, Saquon’s rookie year, the 2016 team that, although it was only for a year, brought a breath of fresh air to a struggling franchise, or so many others.

For me though, even with being old enough to remember both Super Bowl 42 and 46, it was easily this past season, more specifically the playoff win at Minnesota.

Times were getting pretty dire for us fans. 2021 may have been the worst season of football I have ever seen in my entire life. I was literally getting to the point where I was not sure that I would be able to make it through another season of such awful football. Then, the Giants won at Tennessee. After that, everything changed. Suddenly, the organization had hope. Even If they had a bad season, there was still promise. But the winning did not stop.

All the sudden, like the blink of an eye, the Giants were in the playoffs. They finished the year 9-7-1 and had countless unforgettable moments. But for me, it all came to a peak on the 15th of January. I’ll never forget Daniel Jones stepping up and proving who he is in the biggest moment of his career. I’ll never forget Adoree Jackson shutting down Justin Jefferson. I’ll never forget Xavier McKinney making the game winning tackle on TJ Hockenson. And I’ll especially never forget driving around with my old man listening to New York Groove, then grabbing a beer and watching highlights of the game, unable to wipe the smiles off of our faces.

This was not the most important win in franchise history, or the most impressive. But the level of unexpectedness, combined with the exciting manner in which they would win games made this season absolutely unforgettable.

And the pinnacle of it all, a wild card win the weekend before my spring semester courses started, is far and away a greater memory than I ever could have imagined while watching Aaron Robinson get torched against the Patriots in the preseason, or while hearing about Daniel Jones stinking it up in training camp. And for the surprise alone, this was the most memorable season I’ve ever experienced.

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