With Daniel Jones signed and Saquon Barkley tagged, the Giants are full speed ahead to free agency and the draft.  Last week, I highlighted what the Giants biggest needs are.  As it stands now, the Giants have about 14 million dollars in cap space, but that number will increase with the release of Kenny Golladay and other roster moves.  So, based on the needs of the team, and the money they have to spend, who will be the biggest free agent splashes?

One thing that has to be understood when looking at free agency in the NFL, is that spending money to get the biggest names and fill holes quickly rarely ever works.  We’ve seen that blow back on the Giants multiple times in the last decade or so.  That is why GM’s typically want to build through the draft, Joe Schoen himself has said this.  In my opinion, free agency is made to supplement a team while the draft should be the main building blocks.  With that being said, talented players hit free agency every year because for some reason or another, their former team couldn’t keep them.  Some of these players often times will come at an expensive price tag.

So who will the Giants spend the most money on? 

The Giants biggest need in my opinion is a WR1.  The problem is that the free agent wide receiver market isn’t the greatest.  While we’ll get to how I think the Giants may address receiver, the spot I think they will spend the most money on is inside linebacker.  This group of free agents is actually rather deep, with names like Lavonte David, Bobby Wagner, and Devin Bush.  I don’t think the Giants will be targeting any of those names though.  I think the Giants are going to go after what will likely turn out to be the most expensive one in Tremaine Edmunds.  Edmunds will be just 25 years old when the season starts, is a 2 time Pro-Bowler, and has had over 100 tackles every year he has been in the league and has missed minimal games.  Not to mention, he comes from Buffalo, which forms an obvious connection with Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen who helped draft him.  Edmunds market value is 11 million dollars per year over the course of 4 years.  I have a very strong feeling that this might be the Giants biggest flash in free agency, and I personally would be totally ok with that.

If the Giants do spend big on Tremaine Edmunds, their other needs likely won’t be addressed with the biggest names.  That is unless they want to really ignite this fan base.  Odell Beckham Jr.  famously went on a  tour of visiting teams last year, including the Giants.  Today, he is hosting a workout for teams with the Giants reportedly being in attendance.  Odell’s market value is at 13.1 million dollars for 2 years.  Giants fans have obviously seen Odell’s upside.  At one time, he was arguably the NFL’s best receiver and prior to tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl 2 years ago, he showed flashes of this play.  The problem is that he has now torn his ACL twice, didn’t play last year, and often brings unnecessary attention to a locker room.  13.1 million dollars is risky for a player like this.  With that being said, no receiver on the open market has the upside that Odell does and Daniel Jones does need weapons.  Unless the Giants look to trade for a young stud receiver, Odell may be a move they look to make, as long as the money and years are reasonable.

These 2 moves are not going to be the only moves the Giants make obviously.  There are other holes on this team that need to be addressed, and they surely will with other veteran free agents.  Going into the offseason the Giants 2 biggest holes are linebacker and receiver.  If the Giants are to make a splash signing, I think Tremaine Edmunds and Odell Beckham Jr. would be the biggest names they go after.

Time will tell if either of these moves are made, but no matter what, Joe Schoen and the Giants will be busy in free agency.

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