Last season the New York Giants had a shocking offensive line.
With the 2023 NFL draft, we are convinced that their manager, Joe Schoen, will be laser-focused on a new offensive line team, as their entire program needs a shake-up.

But looking at the players on offer, the offensive line options are not plentiful.

And to make matters worse, the team is in 25th place out of 31. 

If any other team is after a new offensive line (or wants to sabotage the Giants), they could take the precious few choices off of the table.

So who are the number one choices?

O’Cyrus Torrence // Florida

Without a doubt, Torrence is the best offensive guard in the drafts this year. This isn’t a matter of opinion but a simple fact.

Torrence has incredible strength combined with delicate technique creating a star in the rough.

His most praised skill is blocking. As a running blocker, he has the ability to stop play as a solid block.

Last season, Torrence made 355 pass-blocking snaps and allowed just 8 quarterback hurries.

His footwork is incredible, and he already has the skill of a solid NFL pass protector.

Luke Wypler // Ohio State

Wypler is a strong center, and although there are other strong centers in the drafts this year, there is something about Wypler that makes him stand out – Wypler is just 21 years old.

Last season, he made 449 pass-blocking snaps, allowing just 7 quarterback hurries and a single sack.

Without comparing his age, we can already say that Wypler is a strong candidate, but considering his young body, Wypler has a lot of room to grow.

His current stats are great already, and his potential hasn’t stopped yet.

The downside to this player is his strength. Wypler isn’t weak, but his frame suggests he could carry more muscle. Bigger players could easily take him down, and so early in his career, a large hit could hamper his progress. 

Ignoring strength, Wyplyer has fantastic blocking skills, great footwork, and quick hand placement skills. His speed is nothing to shy away from, either. 

Steve Avila // Texas Christian University

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Avila is considered a pass-blocking specialist. He still needs to work on his run snaps, but seeing as he created 540 pass-blocking snaps and allowed just 8 quarterback hurries, he is still doing well.

Although Avila doesn’t have a wide skill set like Wypler or Torrence, he is basically a brick wall. The lack of variety in his work means nothing when very few opponents can bash past him.

He gets this strength from his perfected hand placements, dancer-like footwork, and imposing frame. He can literally stop defenders in their tracks as if it was nothing.

Avila could be used as a run blocker, like the other three. He doesn’t necessarily have the skills yet, but his potential is there, and with the right direction, he could be a real asset to the team.

Olusegun Oluwatimi // Michigan

Oluwatimi is another center that the New York Giants should keep their eye on. Nick Gates and Jon Feliciano are free agents now, so the team desperately needs new meat.

Oluwatimi is considered a middle-round pick, which means if the other teams have snapped up their other considerations, Oluwatimi could still be a contender.

Comparatively, this center has a smaller frame than most and doesn’t have the best strength. Looking at the stats alone, he created 410 pass-blocking snaps last season and allowed just 4 quarterback hurries.

Checking out his technique, Oluwatimi ticks all the boxes. His only letdown is his strength needed to pass through NFL-trained players.

Another area of concern is his footwork. Oluwatimi can sometimes get stuck, forcing himself to back up. This issue has been slowly improving and could be eliminated entirely under the right coaching. 

Oluwatimi is all about potential. 

Jaxon Kirkland // Washington

Kirkland might be an odd choice for this list, especially considering the NFL news and rumors.

Jaxon isn’t the best option for most teams, but what he does have is potential. This potential comes from his versatility. He has been a guard, a left tackle, and on the offensive line. In fact, Kirkland played in the tackle position switching around his role. 

The change was due to his team’s needs, not due to his own talent. He fit into any role Washinton gave him, making him an unusual player for the NFL.

Kirkland isn’t known for his strength, but he has incredible speed and a large frame which means tacklers will find it hard to pin him down.

Bettors are predicting Kirkland will be picked up in the 5th round, but depending on the choices made by other teams, the Giants could nap up this versatile unit much quicker.

Final Thoughts

The top 5 prospects for the New York Giants, all circle around their need for a stronger offensive line.

Jaxson Kirkland and Olusegun Oluwatimi will be wildcards in the game but a great secondary choice. Steve Avila and Luke Wypler need some shaping, but they already show amazing potential.

But it’s O’Cyrus Torrence that the Giants should focus on.

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