New York Red Bulls' defender John Tolkin poses with the new Daniel Patrick secondary kit (Credit: New York Red Bulls)
New York Red Bulls’ defender John Tolkin poses with the new Daniel Patrick secondary kit (Credit: New York Red Bulls)

The New York Red Bulls won’t only be red in 2023. On Wednesday, the team officially revealed the (much leaked) secondary kit for the upcoming Major League Soccer season. In collaboration with sportswear designer Daniel Patrick the new apparel is already for sale on the league’s store and should be available at opening day next month.

Depending on how many people are actually interested in wearing the new attire. Like most things the Red Bulls do the announcement has caused discussion among the fanbase.

Let’s go over the actual design of the kit. The first major change is, of course, the color. The main yellow color is darker, almost closer to gold. Darker than the yellow you’d find on a Colombia national team jersey for example. This is the first time the Bulls have had yellow featured on a main kit since the classic Blue and yellow combo was retired. That happened after the 2017 season meaning it’s been five to six years.

The defining feature of the top comes in its secondary colors. Focusing in the collar and lower areas, a blue splatter design has been incorporated. Honestly even without me trying to insult it the blue areas kind of look like a stain or smudge. The collar and sleeve trim has both blue and red lining along the edges.

In terms of “hidden” designs, the Daniel Patrick kit actually features some. The words “New York” and the Red Bulls’ alternate logo are displayed diagonally in a pattern across the kit. In the yellow portions this detail is well hidden, but pops out where the color changes to blue. Fans that remember the team’s “Glitch” kit from a few years back might remember words hidden along the bottom portions of that kit. The continuation of this design trend is something that usually goes unappreciated by most fans until they actually see the jersey in person or physically hold it.

“It was great working with the New York Red Bulls on this kit and putting a streetwear style on it, where people can not only wear this on the soccer pitch, but everywhere else as well,” Daniel Patrick said in the official press release. “I was really excited to be a part of this project, to have your name on a professional team’s jersey that they will wear on the soccer pitches across the United States, it is amazing.”

The one thing that should be scoffed at, regardless of taste, is a point the team made in it’s release. The Red Bulls said this was “the first time an MLS club has worked with a fashion designer on their new kit”.

At the end of the day we probably know what they meant. But all designers are artists to an extend for the work they do. It feels like it undervalues the artists who work every year with teams on their kits just to say something like this.

So how has the kit been received? Well much like the aforementioned “Glitch” kit it’s been mixed. Many online have said the design and color pallet looks ugly. Some of the comparisons include mold, urine, cheese, and plenty more. The least mean comparison says the kit looks like the result of washing yellows with dark jeans.



Still there have been plenty of positive comments as well. Following the official release far more of the fan base has said good things about the kit. Ranging from appreciating the risk in trying something new to the design. Whether it be the changing of colors, the design itself, or working with an artist on the kit.


Other fans are asking the more important questions.


So what is the final verdict? Everything is subjective of course but I do believe the New York Red Bulls do need to be commended. For the first time in a long time they’ve got people talking about a kit. It’s divisive, it’s loud, it’s not normal for them.

Personally I’m not a fan. But for the Bulls to not just be wearing a kit that’s red, black, or white is a huge step. While the announcement article on the website calls this a secondary kit it’s unknown how the use of this will be organized. Perhaps it will only be on the road? Or maybe a few select home games will see it in action? We won’t know until closer to specific game days. In any case the first chance to wear the Daniel Patrick will be the February 25 season opener in Orlando. The Red Bulls return home on March 4 to play Nashville SC in their home opener.

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