Super Bowl 57 is now less than a week away.  The Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs.  Though it hurts to admit, these are probably the 2 best teams from the NFC and AFC.  With that being said, it is not hard to pick who to root for.  I rooted as hard as I could for the Patriots 5 years ago and I’ll root as hard as I can for the Chiefs on Sunday.  My hate for the Eagles is at an all-time high right now, so when Giants safety Julian Love shared his opinion on the Eagles and their Head Coach Nick Siranni, I loved every second of it.

Let me just say this.  I am a sucker for any Giants player saying how much they hate the Eagles.  So, when Julian Love shows up on Good Morning Football on NFL Network rocking an old school Giants jacket doing just that, I was happy.  Love was asked of his opinion on Sirianni, and Love basically said Sirianni has an unbelievably talented roster and Sirriani is staying out of their way and letting them play.  Now, he also mentioned that Sirianni was in it for a, “free ride”, and that everyone on the Good Morning Football Show desk could coach the Eagles.  To be fair that was also after they showed the clip of Sirriani making that dumb face while they were blowing us out in the Divisional Round.  Love even doubled down on it on Twitter:

I saw some Giants fans saying that the Giants players were talking too much lately.  This is a reference to Kayvan Thibodeaux taking shots at the ‘Niners and then saying he didn’t know who Joe Staley was after Staley took a shot back at him.  Thibs also said he didn’t know who Jeff Saturday was after Saturday called his sack celebration “tasteless.”  Now, I admit the schtick of talking trash and then the minute someone gives it back claiming, “I don’t know you”, is kind of lame.  He’s only done it twice and hopefully that’s the last time.  What I did love was Michael Strahan defending Thibodeax:

That is why I loved what Love did.  Love took a playful shot at the Eagles and their Head Coach.  Strahan had Thibs back because he still considers himself a Giant despite being retired for 15 years.  We as a fanbase often times have to talk about contracts, and draft picks, and firing/hiring coaches.  Every once in a while it’s nice to see the players talk trash like fans do.  I don’t need to see that everyday and I don’t like players talking trash about everything and everyone.  But a week and a half before the Super Bowl, I can get behind Love taking a little shot at the Eagles.

Let’s just hope Love is here next year to back his trash talk up.

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