The New York Football Giants face a playoff clinching scenario on Sunday.  It’s real simple:

Win and You’re In.

Following a heartbreaking loss to the the NFC’s number 2 seeded Vikings, it seems like a shoe-in that the Giants will win.  But what if they don’t?  Well then that is ok!  There is still 3 scenarios to get in if the Giants lose and if those don’t play out, the Giants can still get in with a win over Philly in week 18.  But here’s the thing, if the Giants want to make any noise in the playoffs, the only way to get in the playoffs is by winning on Sunday.

Look, nobody thought the Giants would be in the spot that they’re in.  Some may consider this season a success already and see the playoffs as a consolation prize.  Maybe those people are right, maybe the Giants are ahead of schedule.  Well maybe I’m crazy and greedy, but I want to stay ahead of schedule then.  If the Giants win on Sunday, and get in the playoffs, then they face a Philadelphia Eagles team with nothing to play for in week 18.  Something tells me that Brian Daboll isn’t going to just sit everyone and fold to an Eagles team that just embarrassed the Giants a few weeks ago.  I’m sure he will want to get a win there, and if they do, that is real momentum going into the playoffs.  Even if for whatever reason Philly plays their starters and the Giants lose, but they at least give the Eagles a game.  We have seen what that can do for the Giants in the past (Patriots Week 17 in 2007).  So I for one don’t want to see the Giants backdoor their way into the playoffs with no momentum.  Having momentum matters, and if the Giants come into the playoffs with a head of steam AND some key players get back healthy, the Giants may be able to make some noise.

Maybe this is just my fandom taking over, but screw it, we’ve come this far, I want to see the Giants go as far as humanly possible. I think their best way of doing that is beating the Colts at home in front of a crowd full of Giants fan’s that are itching to go on another run and return to the top of the NFL.

Don’t limp into the NFL playoffs, sprint in.

(Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

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