Mike White’s NFL Debut

Really?  That about sums up yesterday’s game against the Detroit Lions.  No offense to the Lions – they earned that victory and good for them for turning around their season.  The Jets gave that one away as an early Christmas present to the Lions’ faithful.  If any fanbase knows about suffering more than Jets fans, it’s those who follow the Honolulu Blue and Silver.

You can create all the excuses you want but again, the Jets found a way to shoot themselves in the foot yet again and with their third loss in a row are now on the outside looking in not only at the playoffs but a winning season.  Yes, that elusive and yet satisfying feeling of having more wins than losses in early January and the opportunity to play at least one more game past the regular season seventeen is an achievement.  If the Jets want to know what that feels like, they better get their act together fast.

I may be coming down hard on the Jets but let’s face it, they deserve it.  You can blame it on the 4th and 1 TD pass to an uncovered tight end resulting in the game-winning TD; you can blame it on a missed Greg Zuerlein 58 yard field goal attempt with no time left; you can blame it on head coach Robert Saleh’s clock management (or lack thereof) in the last minute of the game that wasted precious time or you can blame it on the continuous QB carousel in the Jets’ locker room.  How about just blaming the whole organization for tanking when they needed a win the most?

Yes, QB Zach Wilson came back from his locker room exile to football Siberia (aka the bench) and did put together a decent effort on Sunday but completing 18 for 35 passes for 317 yards and two TD’s with one INT but the effort ended up being futile in yet another loss in a game the Jets could have and should have won.  Jets rookie WR Garrett Wilson had four more receptions and broke another team rookie record with 67 total receptions for the season, breaking Wayne Chrebet’s 1995 season record.  Okay, these are some pluses here, but those pluses don’t add up to a “W” as the Jets fall to 7-7 and their winning season hopes, let along playoff aspirations, are beginning to fade away fast.

More than likely, it will be Zach Wilson leading the Jets this Thursday since it’s probably not a prudent thing to force Mike White to play with broken ribs and risk further injury to himself.  Not that Mike White would skip out of this game if given the chance to play but even Robert Saleh isn’t going to be that crazy and put an obviously injured player in at QB when the whole season is on the long.  Oh, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the foes this coming Thursday night in what looks to be a season make-or-break for both teams.

The Jags are coming off a huge overtime win against the Dallas Cowboys and are also looking at finishing up with a winning season and a possible wild card spot (but with the craziness of the AFC South, a couple of wins could help the Jags win their division outright.) QB Trevor Lawrence looks at acts the part of the 2021 top draft pick and has vastly improved since his rookie dumpster fire season (no thanks to Urban Meyer) while Zach Wilson, the number two draft pick from 2021, is still trying to find himself in a permanent role with the Jets.

If Zach Wilson wants to win over the front office and the locker room, he needs to find a way to help the Green and White win this Thursday and pull off a minimum of at least one more win either against the Seattle Seahawks or Miami Dolphins.  Winning all three outright would put the Jets at 10-7 and probably in a comfortable position for a wild card spot.  Winning two out of the next three puts the Jets at 9-8 and looking in at a wild card chance.  The optimal word here is win and wins are a must for the Jets to finish out this season on a strong note.

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