The Giants just dropped a tough loss to the Lions at home.  That was the last of what was a somewhat easy opening stretch of games for the Giants.  From here on out, the schedule gets a bit dicey.  Despite the loss to the Lions, the Giants are still 7-3 and in position to get into the playoffs.  In order to stay in the hunt, the Giants are going to have to win some difficult games.  That starts tomorrow, when they take on the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in Jerry’s World. To get ready for this one, let’s take a look back at the Giants and Cowboys 1984 matchup.

The Giants came into this game not beating the Cowboys in Dallas in 10 years.  The Giants had also been one of the NFL’s poorest teams over the last 10-15 years while the Cowboys became “America’s Team” in the 1970s and continued their success into the early 1980s.  1984 was different though.  The Cowboys were not their normal selves.  They were in the midst of a QB controversy between Danny White and Garry Hogeboom.  The Giants on the other hand, were playing well for the fist time in what felt like forever.  Heading into this game, the Cowboys were 6-3 while the Giants were 5-4.  Although the Cowboys had a better record then the Giants, it did not show in this one.  The Cowboys struggled big time against the Giants.  The QB combination of White and Hogeboom combined for just 140 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions.  On the other side of the field, Giants QB Phil Simms would throw for 244 yards and a touchdown.  102 of those passing yards were accounted for by Giants receiver Lionel Manuel who would also add a touchdown to his stat line.  The Giants defense was in the Dallas back field all day as well, accounting for 5 sacks.  Leonard Marshall would have 2.5 of those 5 sacks.  Giants kicker, Ali Haji-Sheikh would add 4 field goals to the Giants score board.  In the end, the Giants beat the Cowboys 19-7 to get their first win in Dallas in a decade.

The Giants are now in a position where they need to get every win they can.  The loss to the Lions was big, and it didn’t help that the Giants suffered a number of injuries in the game as well.  They are wounded, and they are going into Dallas on Thanksgiving to face a Cowboys team that just blew the doors off of a talented Vikings team.  BUT, everyone knows the Giants are better as underdogs anyway.  What separates this team from teams of the past is that the Giants coaching staff gives them a chance every week.  They have their work cut out for them, but I’ve seen crazier things.

It’s been 6 years since the Giants got a win in Dallas.  Like they did back in 1984, let’s beat the Cowboys in their house, but this time, let’s do it on their own damn holiday.

Highlights to this Classic:

(Photos: AP Photo/Nuri Vallbona)

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