Home in name to some of the American sport’s most successful franchises, from the Yankees to the Giants, the state of New York has millions of dedicated fans hoping to celebrate their team’s success.
And since January, fans have been putting big money behind those favorites with New York sports betting.

But which New York teams are officially the most popular, and is it always the ‘bigger’ franchises?

To determine the most popular teams in New York, we analyzed the number of Google searches each recorded over the last 12 months. We then calculated the average monthly volume and ranked the top 15 franchises. We also determined that the most popular place to play at British betting operators not blocked by Gamstop.

Read on to see where your team places!

New York Sports Teams
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1) Buffalo Bills // 1,514,000 (monthly searches)

Ranked as New York’s most popular sports team, we have the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, with a staggering 1.5 million Google searches each month.

The Bills naturally lead the way as the most popular franchise in Buffalo, with more than 375,000 Google searches there, alongside Rochester (1st – 113,100), Syracuse (1st – 29,900), Albany (1st – 13,000), Cheektowaga (1st – 65,900), and Schenectady (1st – 11,100), where they also sit on top.

While the Bills have never won the Super Bowl, they’re among the NY NFL betting favorites for this year’s championship.

2) New York Yankees // 708,000 (monthly searches)

In second, with more than 708,000 Google searches each month, we have Major League Baseball’s most decorated team. By city, the Yankees are the most popular franchise in NYC, as well as Yonkers (1st – 11,000), New Rochelle (1st – 5,500), and Mount Vernon (1st – 3,700).

Despite not playing in the World Series since 2009, the Yankees have won a record 27 World Series titles and have established a strong following in New York MLB betting.

3) New York Rangers // 387,000 (monthly searches)

New York Sports Teams
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New York’s third most popular sports team is the NHL’s Rangers, with 387,460 Google searches per month. While not placing as the top team in any of the state’s cities, the Rangers are the second-most popular team in Yonkers (2nd – 7,900) and New Rochelle (2nd – 4,300).

With the season starting in October, the Rangers are outsiders to Stanley Cup success but will be hoping to get off to a good start on their quest for a fifth title.

4) New York Mets // 372,000 (monthly searches)

Contenders for this season’s World Series, the New York Mets are the city’s second-most popular baseball team, with just over half the monthly Google searches of the Yankees. Across the state, the Mets are particularly popular in their home city of NYC, with 159,000 searches (4th), as well as Yonkers (4th – 5,700).

5) Brooklyn Nets // 347,000 (monthly searches)

In fifth with almost 350,000 Google searches a month, we have New York’s most popular basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets, who also place among the most-searched-for teams in NYC (2nd – 237,800), Yonkers (3rd – 6,500) and Mount Vernon (3rd – 3,300).

The Nets are considered contenders for their first NBA Championship, but they will have to overcome the likes of the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors if they want to taste success.

New York’s Most Popular Teams by City

New York City

RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1⚾️ NY Yankees265,000
2🏀 Brooklyn Nets238,000
3🏒 NY Rangers174,000
4⚾️ NY Mets159,000
5🏀 NY Knicks147,700
6🏈 NY Giants117,200
7🏈 Buffalo Bills90,100
8🏈 NY Jets78,800
9⚽️ NYC FC44,400
10🏒 NY Islanders27,000


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1🏈 Buffalo Bills375,700
2🏒 Buffalo Sabres93,400
3🥍 Buffalo Bandits28,300
4⚾️ Buffalo Bisons27,000
5⚾️ NY Yankees18,800
6🏀 Brooklyn Nets8,000
7🏈 NY Giants6,100
8🏀 NY Knicks6,000
9⚾️ NY Mets5,500
10🏒 NY Rangers5,500


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1⚾️ NY Yankees11,000
2🏒 NY Rangers7,900
3🏀 Brooklyn Nets6,500
4⚾️ NY Mets5,700
5🏈 NY Giants5,600
6🏀 NY Knicks5,500
7🏈 Buffalo Bills4,500
8🏈 NY Jets4,300
9⚽️ NYC FC2,200
10🏒 NY Islanders1,600


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1🏈 Buffalo Bills113,100
2⚾️ Rochester Red Wings39,100
3⚾️ NY Yankees15,700
4🏒 Buffalo Sabres15,600
5🏈 NY Giants7,600
6🏀 Brooklyn Nets6,500
7🏀 NY Knicks5,200
8⚾️ NY Mets4,900
9🏒 Rochester Americans4,200
10🏈 NY Jets4,100


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1🏈 Buffalo Bills29,900
2⚾️ Syracuse Mets25,700
3⚾️ NY Yankees11,600
4🏒 Syracuse Crunch8,000
5🏈 NY Giants6,400
6🏀 Brooklyn Nets5,200
7🏒 Buffalo Sabres5,000
7🏀 NY Knicks4,400
9🏒 NY Rangers4,100
10⚾️ NY Mets4,000


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1🏈 Buffalo Bills13,000
2⚾️ NY Yankees8,600
3🏈 NY Giants6,400
4🏀 Brooklyn Nets4,500
5🏒 NY Rangers4,200
6🏀 NY Knicks3,400
7⚾️ NY Mets3,900
8🏈 NY Jets3,300
9🏒 Buffalo Sabres2,300
10🏀 Albany Patroons1,800

New Rochelle

RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1⚾️ NY Yankees5,500
2🏒 NY Rangers4,300
3🏈 NY Giants3,400
4🏀 Brooklyn Nets3,400
5⚾️ NY Mets3,200
6🏀 NY Knicks3,000
7🏈 Buffalo Bills2,180
8🏈 NY Jets2,600
9🏒 NY Islanders1,200
10⚽️ NYC FC1,100


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1🏈 Buffalo Bills65,900
2🏒 Buffalo Sabres18,100
3⚾️ NY Yankees5,100
4🏀 Brooklyn Nets3,100
5🏈 NY Giants2,400
6🏀 NY Knicks2,200
7🏈 NY Jets2,100
8⚾️ NY Mets2,000
9🏒 NY Rangers1,900
10🏒 NY Islanders900

Mount Vernon

RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1⚾️ NY Yankees3,700
2🏀 NY Knicks3,400
3🏀 Brooklyn Nets3,300
4🏈 NY Giants2,700
5🏒 NY Rangers2,400
6⚾️ NY Mets2,000
7🏈 Buffalo Bills2,000
8🏈 NY Jets1,600
9⚽️ NYC FC600
10⚽️ NY. Red Bulls600


RankTeamAvg. Monthly Search Volume
1🏈 Buffalo Bills11,100
2⚾️ NY Yankees7,400
3🏈 NY Giants4,600
4🏀 Brooklyn Nets3,400
5⚾️ NY Mets3,300
6🏒 NY Rangers3,300
7🏀 NY Knicks3,000
8🏈 NY Jets2,900
9🏒 Buffalo Sabres2,200
10🏒 NY Islanders1,000

Watching sports is one of New Yorkers’ most popular pastimes, so it should come as no surprise to see such staggering search volumes for each of the state’s most popular teams.

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