October brings thoughts of Halloween and all the spooky and eerie creatures that linger in our minds this time of year. Well, look no further than the NY Giants roster to see this may be the time for a Webb. Not a spider web, but QB Davis Webb.

While the NY Giants won their game Sunday against the Chicago Bears, bringing their record to a happy 3-1, the roster took some major hits due to injuries and concussions. Starting QB Daniel Jones left the game in the 3rd quarter after suffering a sprained ankle. His backup, Tyrod Taylor, left the game two series later after taking on two Bears defenders and coming away with a concussion. At one point this left the Giants using RB Saquon Barkley as the ‘Wildcat QB”, taking the shotgun snaps from center Jon Feliciano. Saquon did great in this role. When Taylor went down, Coach Brian Daboll went to Daniel Jones and asked if he can go in. Jones had already been pleading with the staff to let him back in the game. But Jones’ role was to call the plays in the huddle, then turn the play over to Saquon or Matt Brieda. No dropbacks; no passes. Just call the play and get out of the way.

So, with Jones nursing an ankle sprain and having a noticeable limp, and with Taylor in the concussion protocol, the Giants’ QB options point directly at practice squad QB Davis Webb. A lot of positive things have to happen to avoid Webb starting Sunday in London against the Green Bay Packers. Jones, who is feeling better as of this report, may be well enough to play. But his history tells us his mobility is a key part of his game. If he can’t move outside the pocket, Jones could be perceived as a sitting duck for the Packers’ rush. Taylor needs to work his way through the concussion protocol and survive a trans-Atlantic flight in a pressurized airplane to be cleared to play if Jones cannot go. But all is not lost.

Coming from Buffalo’s offense the last two years, Davis Webb is well versed in Brian Daboll’s offense. If you watched any of the preseason games, you saw Webb was masterful in running the Daboll-Kafka offense, leading the Giants to multiple second-half scoring drives. Granted, this was against the opponent’s second and third-string defenses. But Webb was decisive in his play, protected the ball, and was accurate with his throws. A former third-round draft pick of the Giants, Webb is well regarded by the Giants coaching staff and was a product of the 53-man roster numbers game at the end of training camp. He is viewed as Daniel Jones’ mentor in helping Jones understand and master the Daboll-Kafka offense.

The Giants are working out a few other QBs this week, mostly to backup Webb if Jones and Taylor cannot go. Fans are nervous hearing the name Jake Fromm as one of the tryouts. Fromm did not have any success last season as a QB for the Giants. But, before he became a Giant, Fromm was on the Bills’ practice squad. So he too is familiar with the Daboll offense. A.J. McCarron also tried out for the Giants. So far, no additional QBs have been signed.

Yes, October is a time for spooks, monsters, and spiders. If it’s Davis Webb’s turn to take snaps and lead the Giants’ offense this coming Sunday, he just may spin a web that tangles the Packers up. I would not count the Giants out this Sunday. The Giants’ coaching staff has proven to be very adept at scheming the offense to the Giants’ strengths and the opponent’s weaknesses.

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