When it comes to coaching and managing a baseball team, especially in world-class leagues such as the MLB, it’s not as easy as you think.
Apart from having a long season comprising hundred-plus games, it drains physically and mentally to any manager to successfully bring the team to their goal and win the series. 

Despite the challenges, many managers have accomplished multiple awards and wins throughout their careers, making them the best of the best in the league.

If you don’t know any of these managers, below are some top-performing managers in 2022.

Kevin Cash

First on the list is Kevin Cash, a professional American baseball manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. Before becoming a known team manager, he was a baseball player in the league playing for the Boston Red Sox, where he won two World Series. With his experience as a baseball player in his career, he was able to help the Tampa Bay Rays to become a high-caliber team in MLB.

Cash is one of the best managers in the history of the Tampa Bay Rays as he helped the franchise to have the third-best mark all-time in baseball with a record of 100-62. In addition, the Rays also dominated the American League division for three straight years, giving the franchise the best sport odds of winning the world championship.

However, despite their dominating performance during the past season and division championships, the team kept falling short of winning their first World Series title. Although most fans may question Kevin’s accomplishments, he has helped the Rays much more, making him one of the great managers.

Terry Francona

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Next on the list is Terry Francona, a famous baseball manager for the Cleveland Guardians and a two-time American League Manager Awardee in 2013 and 2016. During his career, he won 4 division titles and two World Series with the Boston Red Sox, making him a formidable manager in the league.

When Terry came to Cleveland, he was able to pull the franchise to appear in multiple playoff appearances in the league. During the 2022 season, the team has a young roster comprising the youngest position and pitching staff from last season.

Even though the roster is young, most fans probably didn’t expect the team to be one of the best in the league as the team is currently placed 3rd in AL Central with a record of 46-44. This record shows how great and committed Terry is to his team as he helped his players become contenders in the league, making them one of the favorites to win

A.J. Hinch

Third on the list is A.J. Hinch, a professional baseball manager of the Detroit Tigers. Before he became a manager for the Tigers, he was first a manager for the Houston Astros, where he led the team for four postseason appearances and a World Series championship in 2017. 

With the help of Hinch’s ideals and patience in the front office, he shows he is the right manager for the franchise after winning 77 games last season. Currently, the Tigers are placed fourth in the division and continue becoming contenders for the World Series.

Alex Cora

The fourth is Alex Cora. He is one of the top managers of MLB, managing the Boston Red Sox, where he brought a franchise record of best 108 games and victory during the World Series 2018 during his rookie manager career.

Although with the infamous scandal roaming around Alex’s legacy as a top-notch manager regarding sign stealing, there is no doubt that his impressive stats and performance make him a great manager for any team. Especially to the Red Sox, where he brought the franchise back on track for three seasons to become contenders.

Craig Counsell

People think he is going down the hill as becoming a manager of MLB because of the place his team, Milwaukee Brewers, where he gained during 2015 and 2016, which placed them 4th in the competition. However, Craig became better at managing his team during the last season, which grabbed them their second N.L. Central Title because of the formula he created during the matchups on his team.

Lastly is Craig Counsell. He is a former professional baseball player and the current manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. During 2015 and 2016, Craig brought the franchise to fourth place in NL Central, paving the way for his second Central title with his strategies and matchups.

Fans were impressed with his mixes in matchups where he continuously contested the opposing team in every game. It led him and the team to be a high-caliber baseball team in NL Central Division up until now, placing him in the first spot and making him a great manager in the league.


Becoming a manager in Major League Baseball takes more than a will to become one of the best.

It takes time, experience, and patience to bring the team to its highest level.

As these top managers continue to provide their best to bring their team to the World Series, competition continues to rise, and the challenge keeps getting higher and higher.

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