The Giants are heading into 2022 with a number of position groups that aren’t very good in terms of depth.  One position group that may just be there deepest, is the wide receivers.  The Giants have invested a lot into the receiver group in recent years, and how those investments have turned out have raised some serious questions.  The names that aren’t quite as known are also making some noise in training camp and the preseason.  With rosters slowly trimming down week by week, it will be fascinating to see how this receiver group shakes out.

When looking at the Giants wide receivers, there are names that pop off the screen that everyone knows.  Those names are Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard, Wan’Dale Robinson, and Darius Slayton.  Every single one of these names comes with some serious questions.  Kenny Golladay’s stock has probably dropped the most out of everyone on this roster.  He has apparently looked slow in training camp and rarely makes plays, and in the preseason he has dropped a touchdown and has barely been targeted. How the 72-million-dollar man plays in 2022 will likely make or break his tenure as a Giant.  Kadarius Toney has been an enigma since he became a Giant. Injuries, strange situations regarding cleats and tweets, and trade rumors have clouded much of his time with the G-Men. BUT, when he is on the field, he is absolutely electric, and has looked that way in training camp as well.  Toney has the chance to be a star if he stays healthy, and continues to eliminate the off the field distractions.  Sterling Shepard is the longest tenured Giant and continuously produces when he is on the field.  His only problem is staying on the field.  I am very curious to see what role he has in this receiving room once he gets on the field.  Wan’Dale Robinson has apparently looked great in training camp as well.  But in the preseason, he has yet to do much of anything. Now, the preseason is the preseason for a reason, but the fact that he is an undersized rookie still brings some question marks.  Hopefully him and Toney can be the Giants next great duo at receiver.  Last but not least in this first list of Giants receivers is Darius Slayton.  Slayton has showed promise in the past, but he never quite took that next step, and his drop issue’s and 2.5-million-dollar cap make him a trade candidate. Personally I want to see Slayton on this roster, but what happens to him is a massive mystery in this receiving group. What makes his situation even more intriguing is the names further down the Giants depth chart.

The Giants “no-name receivers” have been making quite a name for themselves in the preseason.  Headlining this second group of receivers is Colin Johnson.  Johnson has played well in the preseason and has had a strong camp.  He will likely make his roster, and some have said that his strong play has made Slayton expendable (although I don’t agree).  Richie James is a new comer who has also had a strong camp and even scored a touchdown in the 1st preseason game.  He will have to fight to make the roster with the next couple of guys, but he has shown potential through the summer.  David Sills V and Alex Bachman are 2 guys that have lingered around the Giants the last few years and both had STRONG games against the Bengals the other night.  They have been sort of training camp darlings the last couple years, so it will be interesting to see if their strong play could earn them a roster spot.  CJ Board and Keelan Doss have made some plays as well and Board was a part of the Giants roster last season.  The Giants have a crowded receiver room, and it will be fun to see how these lesser known names effect how this position group shakes out.

A lot has been said about the Giants lack of depth at key positons.  The wide receiver group is one position group on this team where it appears they do have depth.  With that being said, so many of the “big names” have question marks, and so many of the lesser known guys have played well.

How these two aspects of the group effect how the wide receiver group shakes out is going to be one heck of a show.  

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