Maybe it’s wishful thinking, maybe it’s all part of the plan but the 2022 New York Jets don’t resemble their 2021 predecessors and these changes are evident this week.  The Jets held combined practices with the Atlanta Falcons in preparation for their Monday night preseason game and the Jets did not look like the Jets from last year.

The 2022 Jets are far more physical than last year.

Jets LB C. J. Mosley was quick to point out that the Jets defense played far more physical than last year’s combined practices with the Philadelphia Eagles where the Eagles were able to dominate on both sides of the ball throughout the practice periods.  This season, the Jets were far more physical to the point where the Jets defense got spirited and “chippy” while working with the Falcons this past Friday.

Jets RB Breece Hall logged in a 75 yard TD run against the Falcons D during the team periods and WR Elijah Moore came to life and caught a 50+ yard reception to highlight the Jets offensive period.  During the two minute drill, QB Joe Flacco drove the Jets down to within field goal range-the entire point of this drill is to create scoring opportunities to win close fourth quarter games.

Joe Flacco 11/21/21

Joe Flacco continues to show his leadership.

During Saturday’s combined practice, both the Falcons and the Jets were in shells so more of the drills were mental rather than pure physical.  However, in the team portion of the practice, both teams utilized a 45 second fourth quarter drill being down 14-6 and Joe Flacco again showed his veteran experience by driving the Jets to score the necessary TD and a two point conversion to tie the game.

The Jets defense swarmed all over Falcons QB Marcus Mariota and let’s hope these drills will pay big dividends not only in the upcoming preseason game but during the regular season.  Whether QB Zach Wilson makes it back in time for the regular season opener against the Baltimore Ravens or not, the Jets look to be at least in practices in full gear and rallying around Flacco and Flacco shows his leadership ability each day just by keeping the Jets on their proper flight path heading into the 2022 regular season.

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