Well, here we go again!  The 2022-23 NFL season is now in full gear with all 32 training camps going full speed into their second week in anticipation of the first preseason games of the year.  After a rough and brutal 2021-22 campaign, the Jets are looking at maturity and experience to bolster their QB corps.  In a surprise move, the Jets did not draft any young play callers out of this year’s NFL Draft and instead have decided to rely on tested and battle-ready QB’s to lead the Gang Green this season.

The Jets are looking at experience and maturity at the Quarterback depth to help lead the team forward from a 4-13 season.

Zach Wilson is the obvious starter and will retain his position as QB1 with the Jets as the long, hot summer days continue in training camp.  Wilson’s performance in 2021 was, well, a rookie QB experience to say the least.  While Wilson did recover from his injuries and improve drastically towards the end of the ’21 season, his overall QB rating of 69.69 was at the bottom for starting NFL quarterbacks.  However, there were sparks of greatness hitting his favorite WR targets Elijah Moore and Braxton Berrios which helped Wilson complete 213 passes for 2,334 yards and nine TD’s.  We’ll just forget about those 11 picks he threw, mostly early on in the season.  Wilson’s sophomore season has to be better, crisper and more productive in order for the Jets to move forward with their rebuilding campaign.  While 4-13 wasn’t the worst overall record last year in the NFL, it was more than enough for Wilson and the Jets to sit yet another year at home watching the playoffs on TV.  Wilson will face even better defenses this season and rookie mistakes cannot be tolerated – he knows better now.  I see Zach Wilson’s QB rating to go up substantially and if he can stay healthy, he should lead the Jets to anywhere from two to four more victories this year.  Mind you, the Jets are still in a rebuild mode and it may take another year at least before they’re ready for a postseason push.  The Gang Green could surprise us behind Wilson but let’s be realistic at least for the rest of training camp.

The biggest question in the Jets QB room right now is who will be the legitimate backup if/when/should Zach Wilson go down this season? I certainly don’t wish anything but health and success for Wilson this year.  However, this past season has shown that the Jets, along with many other NFL teams, need backup QB’s who can step in at a moment’s notice and lead their respective teams because that’s what will happen to a number of football teams this season.  I’m wondering if Mike White will retain his status as the primary backup QB and given his heroics last year, White did step in and helped at a critical point in the 2021 season and threw for 953 yards and five TD’s but his eight INT’s no doubt is something to address in training camp.  White too went down in an injury against the Indianapolis Colts and it goes to show that there has to be a backup to a backup anymore, especially at the QB position.

The apparent backup to the backup or 3rd string QB coming into the Jets training camp this year will stay with Joe Flacco.  The veteran Flacco is such an experienced, Super Bowl-winning QB and it’s good just to keep him around for those “break glass in case of fire” moments – moments that the Jets did experience last year.  Flacco did step in for a couple of games last year and threw for 338 yards and three TD’s.  More importantly, Flacco brings such a wealth of experience and knowledge to the QB room and his role will probably continue to evolve into some sort of coach-mentor position and a sounding board for Zach Wilson to turn to for advice.  Flacco may be called again to suit up and be ready to play so let’s not write him off just yet.  Injuries in the NFL have a way of showing their ugly heads by mid-season and Flacco may well have to lead the Jets at any time.

The Jets also went out and found another QB for their depth chart and newcomer Chris Streveler is an interesting acquisition.  More than likely,

Mike White’s NFL Debut
Joe Flacco 11/21/21

Streveler will be the apparent practice squad QB for the conceivable future; however, Streveler does bring some experience with him as he won the 2019 Grey Cup with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and knows how to win.  After bouncing around the Dolphins and Ravens organizations this past off-season, the Jets went ahead and signed Streveler and he adds even more experience to the QB depth chart for the time being.

Zach Wilson needs a solid sophomore season in 2022-23 in order for the Jets to move forward and become competitive again.  If Wilson can stay healthy and productive like he’s capable of, the Jets should greatly improve this season and look to get noticed by other organizations.  If Wilson goes down due to injury, the Jets will again be scrambling around looking for direction from their backup QB’s and another dumpster fire of a season will be upon us.  Wilson’s health and productivity is the key to the Jets moving out of the AFC East cellar this season.

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