The Giants are now 2 practices into camp, and there has been a lot to take in.  The offense is reportedly using a ton of motion and looking like an actuall offense, Kadarius Toney is making plays, Kayvon Thibodeax is getting to the QB, and the Giants are looking like a real team.  Now, it’s 2 days in, so many things can change, but its an encouraging sign none the less.  Along with all of these other points, there is one Giant who has made some plays that is making every Giant fan remember exactly who is he.

That player is Darnay Holmes.

Now, I don’t think anyone who is a die hard Giant fan has forgotten who Darnay Holmes is literally, but I think many of us have kind of slotted Cordale Flott in the nickel corner spot.  That’s an easy thing to do for us fans: Flott is the new regime’s 3rd round draft pick, and Holmes had a down year last season.  But let’s not forget that Darnay Holmes rookie season was very solid.  He flashed a ton and made some great plays on that Giants defense.  Going into 2021, he was expected to grow, and well, that didn’t happen.  His playing time went down, and he wasn’t awful by any means, but he certainly wasn’t what we were hoping he would be.  With all that being said, Holmes is still just 24 years old, and is in a prime position to earn his starting role back as the Giants nickel corner. Through the first two days of camp, Holmes made an acrobatic interception in the red zone on a Daniel Jones throw intended for Saqon Barkley, and then made another one in 1 on 1 drills yesterday. Its just 2 days in, but it is nice to here that Holmes is making plays.

One of the most interesting camp battles will be Cordale Flott vs. Darnay Holmes.  Although Holmes has some made some plays, there were also reports of Holmes getting beat as well.  It will be interesting to see how the Flott vs Holmes battles rolls on. There’s a longgggg way to go until September 12 when we play the Titans, but there is one thing that Darnay Holmes reminded Giants fans of through the first couple days of practice:

Don’t count him out just yet.


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