The title of this blog says we are now in the most exciting time of the offseason, but that is sort of a lie…because the season is now officially underway.   The Giants have all reported to camp and are set to have their first practice tomorrow.  I wrote a similar blog last year, and I think I am going to make it an annual blog because there truly is no other time of the year like this one.

Some might say the draft or free agency, but to me, training camp is the most exciting time of the year outside of the season itself.

It’s no secret the Giants have been a bad team for a long time.  We all know that.  But when training camp rolls around, it doesn’t matter how bad the team has been, or how bad the team is “supposed” to be, training camp is still exciting.  The clips of the players arriving for camp, the videos from practice, the beat reporters tweeting about a no-name guy who you think justttttt might turn into the next Victor Cruz all get me amped up for the start of a new NFL season.  This time of year makes the summer ending just a little more bearable.

You know what else the start of training camp means?  Fantasy football season is just about here.  That’s right, it’s time to start banging out those mock drafts and getting ready for another draft where you can tell everyone about how good of a draft you had even though nobody really cares.  I absolutely love fantasy football, and between reading about the Giants training camp and researching a million players for fantasy, you can say the month of August is just about heaven for me, and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

Look, we prepare all offseason for this.  All those players the Giants signed and drafted are going to be suiting up in blue very soon.  All the Giants you already love (and the ones you might not love) are back for another year. Fantasy football is also back, so you can start dreaming of the comeback year Saquon is about to have and how he will be your steal of the draft.

Whether your excited about the Giants or NFL football in general, the start of all of it is training camp, which makes right now the most exciting part of the offseason.


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