Last Friday, former Giants quarterback and current NFL Network Analyst David Carr stated that he could see the Giants going after Jimmy Garappolo during the preseason.

Jimmy Garappolo has had a very solid career, and is a proven winner, but when it comes to the 2022 New York Football Giants, trading for Jimmy G does not make any sense.

Carr’s logic in this is that the Giants don’t know what they have in Jones, which is a fair point.  If Carr made this point back in March before the Giants made Tyrod Taylor a very well paid backup quarterback, with incentives to become the starting QB if Jones doesn’t work out, it would have at least made a little more sense.  But even then, it would be extremely hard for the Giants to afford Jimmy G.  Garrappolo is set to count for 26.9 million dollars against the cap in 2022 and is coming off of shoulder surgery.  Paying that much money for a QB on the last year of his contract, coming off of shoulder surgery, when you already have your former 1st round QB on your roster, and a QB you paid to be your potential bridge QB, just doesn’t make sense.  One of those points I made there is also a huge reason why I personally don’t want to make any more moves for a QB.

If anyone has ever read any of my other stuff you know that I do believe in Daniel Jones.  When we signed Tyrod Taylor, I didn’t love the move although I did probably overreact a bit because I just want to see all the eggs put in the DJ basket.  What I want is for Daniel Jones to have this year to prove that he was in an awful situation with Jason Garrett as his offensive coordinator, and show how good he can be under Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka.  I want to see him put all the good qualities he showed his rookie year, and combine it with the things that he has improved upon since (mainly the turnovers).  I know some don’t believe in Jones at all at this point, but financially it only makes sense to let him have this year to prove what he’s got rather than pay a pretty penny for a Jimmy G.

I like Jimmy Garappolo. He has won everywhere he has gone and is a very solid quarterback.  But I think the Giants QB room is set in stone, and trading asset’s for a QB coming off of shoulder surgery who the Giants likely could not afford just doesn’t make sense.

Jimmy G is a good NFL QB, but the Giants will roll with Daniel Jones in 2022, with Tyrod Taylor right behind him.


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