CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco released his Top 100 Players list for the 2022 NFL season. No New York Jets made the list.


The Jets were one of six teams to not have a player on their roster make the cut for the top 100 – the Patriots, Giants, Texans, Jaguars, and Lions fall into the same pit.


Defensive Tackle Quinnen Williams did make the cut as an honorable mention. Williams finished with 6 sacks in 2021 and is entering his fourth year out of Alabama – he looks to continue to be a pivotal part of Robert Saleh’s defense. 


“Stars win in the Nfl. Period.”, Prisco put it. And he’s right. 


Young teams with reason for optimism come to work with the hopes their newbies can become stars. That’s especially true for the Jets, who most would consider being one of the best drafting teams in the past couple of seasons. 


Two rookies come to mind, and both provide hope based on what we’ve seen in past drafts. 


Garrett Wilson having a Ja’Marr Chase is realistic to some. His combination of seasoned route running, speed, and athletic fluidity make many ready to crown him as the next Justin Jefferson – that is, going nuclear when nobody expects it. Mike LaFleur knows what he has, and with more and more of the NFL’s best receivers breaking out quickly, he’ll know what to do to make Wilson next in line. 


But maybe Breece Hall is the next Jonathan Taylor. Not just a great young running back, but a “you watch him for like five games and you kinda just get it right away” running back. The attention to detail on developing the offensive line and a commitment to using Michael Carter to put Hall in more positions to succeed all point to him being everyone’s next Fantasy Football first-round dream. 


An elite breakout from either rookie could propel them into the top 100. If one of the teams left out has the talent and potential to make the cut on the next list, it’s the Jets. 


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