The books and the public are getting along about the green team in Gotham: take the over. The Jets winning over the 5.5 wins is the most popular win-total bet in Caesars Sportsbook in both money and tickets.

Many aren’t surprised. With what many believed to be the best collective offseason between the draft and free agency, Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh’s team is held as a frontrunner to take a big leap in the win column this upcoming season. Laken Tomlinson, C.J. Uzomah, Tyler Conklin, D.J. Reed, Jordan Whitehead, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, and Jermaine Johnson II all have Jets fans across the country focused and ecstatic. And the money agrees.

How realistic is a six-win season for the Jets?

The Jets are graded to have the second hardest schedule in the entire NFL (Kansas City is first). This may be the main cause as to why the number on the card may seem so strikingly low to some fans.

The Jets schedule is a tale of two halves. Before their week 9 BYE, the Jets face the Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, Dolphins, Packers, Broncos, and Bills. That’s a rough start that will likely force Zach Wilson into some uncomfortable situations that will refine him for later on in the season. Many, if not all of those games, will likely be Ls – some due to talent, some to age and experience. 

So where can these six wins come from? 

After the BYE week, the Jets have the Bears, Lions, Jaguars, and Seahawks on their schedule – all of these are very reasonable wins. The Jets have matched, if not superseded, the roster improvements made by Detroit and Jacksonville, Seattle has a mess in both the quarterback and offensive line room, and Chicago is a popular pick to be the worst team in football this year. 

Yet there are two other teams that could provide the Jets with Ws. 

First is the Cleveland Browns in week two. As more headlines circle every day, it would be a shock to anyone with common sense if Deshaun Watson throws a football this season. As competent as Jacoby Brissett is, the chaos in the Cleveland facility will be too much of a burden and distraction for the Browns to gain any sort of momentum out of the gate. The Jets should have a good chance to capitalize. 

Second is the New England Patriots, who the Jets match up with on weeks eight and ten. With Mac Jones’ play-caller still in question without great options and key losses in all phases of the roster, splitting games in Gillette and MetLife should be expected – the Jets open their exit of the BYE with their second game against the Patriots who will walk into Foxborough with rested legs and extra reps.

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