It’s been a fun time in New York in May and June. The Rangers have been the kings of the city while making a deep playoff run, but the Mets and Yankees have been major headliners as well.
The thirst for a second Subway Series seems to be growing with every impressive win from either team. 

When the Yankees and Mets clashed in the 2000 World Series, the Yanks were about to finish off a dynasty and were certainly the superior team. The Mets were not expected to reach the Fall Classic that year, yet they exceeded expectations. 

It’s a shame many Mets fans don’t have many positive memories of that season because they should. Even though it ended with a World Series loss to their most hated opponents and local rival, the 2000 team delivered a very impressive showing in the National League playoffs that year. 

On the other hand, this current year is one to keep a close look at after their aggressive off-season and how the betting odds are currently set, some future opportunities might play out very handsomely. 

It’s Been a While, but the Mets Are Threatening to Own the Town Again

Yankee Fans Will Always Be Irritated by the Mets

Mets fans would love a chance to even up history, but the possibility of losing another Subway Series scares many of them, too. The reward of beating the Yankees would be magnificent, but a loss would put them on the clear losing end of many more local debates until further notice. 

While the Yankees will always have the huge edge in championships won, that doesn’t mean the Mets don’t have their own moments to be proud of. While the 1998 Yankees may have been the best New York baseball team to ever play the game, the 1986 Mets are arguably the most memorable and storied single-season team in New York sports history. The 1969 Mets may also be the most beloved team in New York baseball lore. 

For all their championships and deserved status as the most successful franchise in sports, the Yankees have a fan base that does not want to share the New York City stage with the Mets. While Mets fans will never hear the end of championship-laden barbs that include the number “27”, the average Yankee fan seems annoyed that the Mets exist. While many of them will openly not admit it, the thought of the Mets potentially stealing the New York spotlight at any time rankles a lot of Yankee fans. 

New York has been mainly a Yankees town since the mid-1990s, although the Mets briefly looked like they could shift the balance during their last run to the World Series in 2015. But in the 1960s and early 1970s, the Mets outdrew the Yankees in attendance. For most of the 1980s, New York was decisively a Mets town. The Yankees were second citizens. Their fans don’t want to see that happen again. 

The Mets Are NOT a “Little Brother”

Some refer to the Mets as being the less successful “little brother” of the Yankees. That is the most common erroneous statement regarding the relationship between the two New York MLB teams. The Mets and the Yankees are not “brothers.” They are not related to each other. The Mets and the Yankees are neighbors. They live close to each other. When you live close to someone, that does not make them a sibling. 

Those who have studied their New York baseball history well know that if the Mets are related to any other teams, it is the Dodgers and Giants. The Mets were born out of the void created when the Dodgers and Giants departed for California. The Mets are clearly tied to only National League baseball traditions. The Mets took on the colors and logos of the Dodgers and Giants and combined them. Even their current ballpark, Citi Field, was designed as a homage to Ebbets Field with the seating color scheme considered a tribute to the Polo Grounds. 

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This year’s Mets seem much better equipped to have a chance of winning a Subway Series than the 2000 team. They are also playing like a ball club that is determined to end a 36-year championship drought. If the Mets could actually accomplish the feat, they could take back the city’s attention and spotlight for the first time in over 30 years. 

Of course, the Dodgers stand in the way as a major hurdle to facing the Yankees or any other American League opponent. For title-starved Mets followers, nothing short of a championship will suffice anymore. Many Mets fans also look back at the 2015 season as an ultimate failure because of a World Series loss. Yet much like in 2000, the team went on what should be hailed as a memorable postseason run. The 2015 Mets NL playoff push was even more exciting than the 2000 ride to the pennant. Daniel Murphy should be remembered as a major Mets postseason hero. 

Another Subway Series does seem very possible, and new Mets owner Steve Cohen will do everything possible to position the franchise for a championship. He has shown a willingness to go to any length to make the team highly competitive, as George Steinbrenner once did. 

Never was Steinbrenner more emotional than when the Yankees won the 2000 World Series. It would have been a nightmare for him to see the Mets take over the city with the highest stakes on the line. There is no question that the Yankees own the town. But that can change at any time, even though it has not in over two and a half decades. 

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