The NFL is one of the most influential leagues out there.
Superstar players make up powerful teams that compete in the Super Bowl, and some of the latest athletes can be seen, causing an intense rivalry between teams. 

This is something that has fueled the passion and intense fan following ever since the NFL was first aired.

Here are some of the biggest NFL rivalries that the league has seen. To find out more about the latest developments and current rivalries, check out sports betting odds

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Firstly, the Steelers and Ravens have had a heated rivalry for many years. However, it isn’t the oldest rivalry on the list. In spite of this, it is widely recognized as one of the most intense competitions between teams to this day. 

Both the Steelers and the Ravens have very high levels of skill and natural talent among their players. High player football IQ also contributes to the clash between the teams on the field. 

Many have said that every time the two meet, their rivalry gets even more heated. This can be seen in the rivals’ very similar scores throughout the series. The Ravens have yet to beat the Steelers, and only time will tell how this tough rivalry will continue in the future. 

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Another tense rivalry that the Steelers have been involved in is with the Bengals. The two teams first met during the 1970 season, when the Steelers joined the AFC Central Division. However, the Steelers have finished on top at the end of more seasons than the Bengals. 

Moving towards the new century, the Bengals changed the record within this rivalry. This is because they won the last two meetings that the two teams did. 

Despite several years of lying low, the Bengals seem to be stepping into the spotlight and have a great deal of potential against their Pittsburgh rivals on the field. This is a team pairing that we are particularly excited about in the coming season!  

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos

In addition, the rivalry between the Chargers and Broncos is one of the most intense within the NFL. Although the Chargers originally were known as the better team during the AFL merger, the Broncos were gaining momentum during the seventies. 

Their 1977 campaign was especially momentous for the team. Having won eleven games, the Broncos were proving themselves as capable competition for the Chargers.

Peyton Manning was a vital addition to the Broncos during recent years within the NFL. This allowed the team to win eight out of nine games against the Chargers. 

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

Ever since 1921, the Packers and Bears have maintained a tough competition against one another. This is due to the huge defeat that the Bears achieved with 20-0 against the Packers. 

Both teams are highly prestigious, and they have seen an enormous amount of growth ever since the rivalry first began. The Packers have always proven a high level of discipline, power, and key athletic ability among their players. 

As a result, there have been many instances where the two teams have clashed throughout history. 

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Dating back to 1933, the Giants and Eagles have one of the longest rivalries within the NFL. This rivalry has always been a result of very high levels of training and the individual talents of players. Each team has demonstrated their ability to work well as a unit and co-ordinate strong players in the right positions. 

As a result, the Giants and Eagles are known for creating a highly entertaining game each time they meet on the field. Being able to push the other team to new heights has allowed each team to reach new standards and create some of the most historical and monumental moments within the NFL. 

Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Each of the Raiders’ and Chiefs’ fan bases have contributed a great deal to this rivalry. Having met on the field over one hundred times, the Chiefs are currently in the lead in the series. 

However, fans dedicate a unique level of passion and drive to each team. This has made for one of the most intense rivalries in all of the NFL. Huge crowds and a range of colorful banners can be seen at any game between these two teams, and the rivalry will always be highly intense because of the fan support.  


The NFL has seen a huge amount of tough competition that creates some of the most intense and long-lasting rivalries in history. Ever since the league began, fiercely loyal fans have played a huge role.

From supporting their team unconditionally and attending every game to refusing to engage with fans of the opposing team. 

The NFL has numerous rivalries between teams that help drive players towards success.
Not only that, but a rivalry allows a healthy competition to continue and allows the league to carry on as a result of the widespread social media advertising. 

Featured Image: Rob Carr/Getty Images
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