Kayvon Thibodeax has yet to take a snap in the NFL and is already among the league’s Biggest Stars.

Over the weekend, the NFL UK twitter account tweeted out their top 10 jersey sales, and Kayvon Thibodeaux came in at number 9.

Usually, I could care less about these things, but this is kind of insane.  That’s especially true when you look at the other guys on this list.  I mean, Kayvon is outselling Lamar freaking Jackson for God’s Sake.  These may only be UK numbers but it reaffirms the point that the pressure is on Kayvon Thibodeax to be the next great Giant defender.

Anyone who knows anything about the Giants franchise knows that they have always been built on defense, and especially pass rushers.  Whether it be LT, Leonard Marshall, Strahan, Osi, Tuck, or JPP, the Giants have always won on defense and getting after the QB.  Thibodeaux is the Giants first pass rusher taken in the 1st Round since JPP, and quite frankly the Giants haven’t had a consistent presence at pass rusher since Pierre-Paul.  Thibodeaux is expected to come in and be that next guy, and that’s not it either. Thibodeaux has Superstar potential.  If you don’t look at and listen to this kid talk and feel that he is oooooozing superstar, then I don’t know what you’re watching.  His jersey sales prove that.  As long as he gets the job done on the field, his presence off the field will only grow.

The Giants have been craving a monster pass rusher for a long time.  Kayvon Thibodeaux is expected to be that player.  If Thibodeaux wasn’t aware of that already, his jersey sales prove that.  The pressure is on the number 5 overall pick, so let’s hope he thrives on that pressure.

I can promise Thibodeaux this: MetLife Stadium is going to have plenty of number 5 jersey’s in the stands come September.



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