Is there any football fan out there who would miss the Pro-Bowl if it went away?

Admittedly, I used to watch the Pro Bowl in my younger years.  When Eli, Cruz, JPP, Tuck or whatever Giant was in the game, I would root super hard for them.  I’ve also heard from older fans that the game used to be much different, and who can forget the highlight of Sean Taylor absolutely leveling Brian Moorman.  But as I got older, I realized the Pro Bowl absolutely STINKS.  Even those who say the game was once enjoyable seem to agree with that sentiment. Today, the Commissioner himself joined the “Pro Bowl Stinks Club”, claiming the game “doesn’t work” and said they are considering turning the game into “a celebration of the players.”

For once, I think every football fan on the planet is on the same page.  The players simply aren’t going to go hard and hit each other in a game played in February after the season is over, and quite frankly, they shouldn’t.

The Pro Bowl hasn’t been a good All-Star Game in a long time, and whether they make a different event for that Sunday or not, the game should go away.

All-Star games in general have fallen off a bit because well, guys don’t want to get hurt playing a meaningless game.  This is especially true with football.  So anyone who wants to get mad at these players for not going 100% is just wrong. So getting rid of the game makes sense, and I don’t even think you need a replacement, ESPECIALLY if it is a flag football game.  The game is already basically a flag football game! Why can’t we just name a Pro Bowl roster like they already do for the All-Pro’s?  This would give the guy’s who make the Pro Bowl their shine and also get rid of the whole replacement aspect of the Pro Bowl.  It feels like half of the league makes the Pro Bowl because a lot of guys have no interest in playing in the game.

So, if you are going to replace the Pro Bowl, what could you do?

I already said I don’t want flag football, and the same goes for 7 on 7.  Pat McAfee had maybe the best idea I have heard so far.

He basically said they can make it into a skills challenge where positions would battle against each other with different charities involved.  Now THAT could be entertaining.  I know they already have some sort of skills competition but they could certainly add more. As McAfee said they could have punters and kickers go against each other, and they could (and 1000% should) bring the QB competition they used to do back.  This would be more entertaining than guys acting like they are playing real football.  Now, I’m sure there would still be a solid amount of guys who would still say no to coming, but at least this would be more entertaining.

The NFL Pro Bowl has been awful for a number of years now and the league looks to be on the verge of shaking the All-Star game up.  Honestly, I’m ok with them just announcing the roster and calling it a day.  The NFL of course won’t do this because it means throwing away money, but whatever they come up with will hopefully be better than what we’re getting now.

Heck, I think I like McAfee’s idea of giving the NFC and AFC a keg each and seeing who finishes first the best.  These guys deserve a couple beers on the NFL’s tab after beating the hell out of each other for 4 months.

(Photo: Aric Becker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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