The world of betting is constantly changing around us, and we’re at a time where it’s still very hard to predict which way the industry is going to go.
The safest thing to say is that both physical and online gambling and betting will continue to thrive, but the popularity of one will eventually outshine the other.

There are around 150 local casinos across the U.K. and 175 licensed online casinos. So, there’s not much in it. 

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If you’re starting out in betting, or you’ve always been an online bettor or a physical casino gambler, then you may be wondering which way to go, or you might be thinking about change. 

Read on to find out about some of the key differences between the two ways to bet. 


For me, the simplest reason that online casinos are beginning to outshine physical casinos is the matter of accessibility. It is a simple and obvious fact that not everyone who wants to place bets or gamble can go to physical casinos. There is a myriad of physical and mental conditions which may make this difficult or impossible.

Online gambling is a godsend for those people, then. It is completely accessible to anyone with a smartphone or computer, without the need to leave the house. Not to mention, there has been a perception of casinos as the haunt of the wealthy, where ordinary folk are not allowed. 

So, online gambling making it possible for anyone to tune in anytime and start making bets is one of the biggest differences and one of the biggest advantages of online gambling. 

Promotions and Bonuses 

Another big difference between online and physical gambling is the possibility of bonuses and promotions. To attract customers and set themselves apart, online casinos need to offer added incentives. Casinos do not really need to do this since you can’t just go to another casino without physically traveling there. This may be very inconvenient. 

Anyone can access any online gambling site or casino from their home, so they have their free choice. This has meant that betting sites have been increasingly competing with one another to offer the best bonuses and promotions to players, for things like initially signing up and for big sporting events that take place. These bonuses can be as lucrative as £60 worth of free bets. 

Physical casinos will have bonuses of some form, but they won’t be anywhere near as common or easy to qualify for. 


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One of the problems you certainly have with landed casinos that are very difficult to reconcile are issues of safety and security. You will need to be handling cash or chips at some point, and there is always the possibility of thieves lurking even on the casino floor. While the casino may do a great job of handling these people, the risk is always there. 

Online casinos are not completely without safety features, but, again, you have your choice. You can scour the net for the site with the best security features, and the simple fact that you don’t have to leave your house or withdraw any physical funds makes you automatically a lot safer. 

Security is another of the biggest reasons people are moving away from physical casinos. There is no need to take the risk of being there anymore, handling cash, and putting yourself in potential danger. You can do all your betting from home. 

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