I don’t know what is dumber, grading drafts of players that haven’t taken a snap in the NFL yet, or predicting your teams record after the schedule release.

That’s not to say I don’t have opinions about the draft or think to myself after looking at the schedule, “Hey we might shock some people with a couple of wins this year” because of course I do.  But that’s not what this blog is about.  It’s been a long time since I have looked at a schedule and said to myself this is awesome, but this year’s Giants schedule is awesome when talking about it from a fans perspective.

When I say the schedule is awesome, I’m not talking about the strength of schedule (which on paper is not very strong) or the opponents or anything like that.  I’m talking about the days we play, and the times we play. The Giants open up the season in Tennessee at 4:25 which is my favorite time slot personally.  Now, I know 99% of people reading this aren’t License Plate Guy who goes to every game, but if you are a fan looking to go to an away game, I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to Nashville because it’s awesome.  I already spoke about my favorite time slot being 4:25, my least favorite time slot would be a night game, especially when it’s a Monday or Thursday.  Thankfully, the Giants have just 1-night game slated for the season which takes place on Monday night in week 3 against the Cowboys because how could the NFL not schedule the Giants and Cowboys in at least 1 primetime game.  Now, after that Cowboy game is where the schedule gets reallllll fun.

In week 5, the Giants travel to London which I wrote about a few weeks ago, and I think is very fun for the fanbase, whether you’re staying home and getting up early for it or feel like taking a trip to London.  When the season starts to roll into the Holidays, that’s when the schedule makes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years better.  The Giants take on the Cowboys at 4:30 on Thanksgiving which I absolutely can’t wait for.  Nothing like taking down turkey, stuffing, and some mashed potatoes before watching the Giants get a chance to take down the Cowboys in their own house on their own holiday.  Now if you’re somebody who can’t stand going to your in-laws on Christmas Eve, well the Giants got you covered.  You just have to schedule that Christmas Eve get together early and frame it as a football Sunday because the Giants are playing at 1 o’clock that day against the Vikings.  Now, I know New Years Day is usually College Football’s day, but as we all know, the NFL is King.  I personally can’t think of a better way to cure a hangover than watching the New York Football Giants take on the Colts on the biggest hangover day of the year (a little hair of the dog might make it even better if you know what I mean).

The NFL schedule release is fun (even though the NFL taking a week to announce it all is blasphemy). You start talking to your buddies about what game you want to go to, of course get overly optimistic about what your teams record is going to be, and get fired up for football in May.  The part that sucks is you have to wait another 4 months for the games to begin.  The Giants this year have a very fun schedule playing on 3 holidays, getting an international game, and allowing fans that may want to travel cool places to go such as Nashville and London.  Of course, this fun little schedule depends a whole lot on how the Giants perform.

Let’s just hope when those holiday games roll around, the Giants are playing some meaningful football.

(Photo: giantswire.usa.today)

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