Rumors have been swirling for a couple of days now about the Giants potentially shopping Kadarius Toney.  Other beat reporters have thrown some water on the fire a bit saying the Giants aren’t necessarily shopping Toney, but they are listening to offers.  Kadarius Toney has brought a fair share of headaches since he became a Giant, but his ability when he’s on the football field cannot be denied.  That is why it seems obvious that the Giants MUST know something that the public doesn’t about KT to even think about trading him.

When the Giants drafted Toney with the 20th overall selection in the draft last season, he came with a few red flags.  He had been pulled over while attending Florida with gun in his car.  The gun was legal, but this still rose some eyebrows. This didn’t stop the Giants from drafting him, and then Giants Head Coach Joe Judge had sworn he did his homework on the Florida receiver. Following this, on Toney’s first day of rookie minicamp, he was seen practicing without a cleat as he could not figure out a pair of cleats that fit him.  This made headlines and was just a weird situation, but nothing too out of hand. A little over a week later, he failed to report to voluntary OTA’s as he awaited to sign his rookie contract, which is very rare.  When he did report, he left one practice after slipping multiple times (again very weird).  A few months later when Toney reported for training camp, he tested positive for COVID. When he did return, he apparently was feeling the after effects of COVID and then injured his hamstring, missing all of the preseason.  In the Giants week 2 game against Washington, Toney was reportedly seen pouting on the sideline and posted, “I don’t be mad, sh** just be lame to me” to his Instagram, but this apparently that had nothing to do with football.  Shortly after this, he called the media “clowns” (Toney also made it obvious in his press conferences across the season he wasn’t a fan of the media)  In the Giants game at Dallas, Toney was kicked out after throwing a punch.  Toney would then injure his ankle the next week and miss a game.  In November, Toney again made headlines by making controversial comments regarding a deadly car accident involving Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs, who was charged with a DUI.  Toney would then miss time with both an oblique and quad injury.  In December, Toney would again test Positive for COVID. Following the season, news on the Toney front was largely quiet until he missed the beginning of the Giants OTA’s for the second season in a row.

What I didn’t talk about with Toney, is what he did when he was on the field.

Look, Kadarius Toney dealt with a ton of injuries last year.  But anyone who watched the Giants play football last year knows that when Toney touched the ball, he looked ELECTRIC.  In back to back games against the Saints and Cowboys, Toney had 16 catches for 267 yards.  He looked poised to break out before injuries derailed his rookie season.  Even throughout the rest of the year, you saw exactly what kind of playmaking ability he had every single time he touched the football.

So why on God’s Green Earth would the Giants even remotely be shopping Kadarius Toney?

Look I ran through Toney’s issues earlier, and a lot of them aren’t his fault.  Then again, a handful of them are his fault.  But none of those instances should lead to the Giants trading a first round pick just 1 year into his career, especially after he showed the type of ability that he did.  That is why it is obvious to me the Giants know something we don’t.  Maybe Toney hasn’t been fully communicating with them, maybe Giants brass feels he isn’t buying in, or maybe they feel he is more focused on his rap career or something, I don’t know.  The point is, to even think about trading Toney, especially after Giants GM Joe Schoen called him “untradeable” just about 2 months ago raises some concerns.

My hope, and what every Giant fans hope should be, is that the Giants and Toney work whatever differences they have out.  Toney did report to the Giants facility on Saturday following the onset of these rumors, so hopefully the process of getting on the same page has already started.  I know this: trading a wide receiver with so much ability, on a rookie deal, in an offense with Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka, is not something the Giants need right now.  Especially since you likely won’t get much value out of him in a trade anyway.

Let’s just hope Toney improves upon his on the field ability, and gets rid of the off the field issues.   

(Photo: AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

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