Did you hear that Kenny Golladay Scored Exactly 0 Touchdowns Last Season!?!?

If you haven’t, you’ve probably been living under a rock.  There’s no doubt that Kenny Golladay’s 1st season with the Giants was a huge disappointment.  The Giants shelled out a 4 year, $72-million-dollar contract to the former Detroit Lion for him to be Daniel Jones’s number 1 reciever. Although that didn’t happen, there are a number of factors that may have contributed to Kenny G’s disappointing season, which is why we should pump the brakes on calling him a bust of a free agent signing.

If you know me or have read any of my stuff, you know that I think Jason Garrett’s offense did a ton of harm to virtually every player on this offense.  That includes Kenny Golladay.  Absolutely nobody was thriving in this offense last season, besides Sterling Shepard (when he was on the field) and Andrew Thomas.  It became obvious that Golladay was frustrated in this offense in just week 2 when cameras caught him screaming at Jason Garrett. With Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka coming from offenses that were top 5 in the NFL, everyone on this offense should have an improved season.  We’ve seen Kenny Golladay be a number 1 receiver before, and in this new offense, he has a great chance to do it again.

Another factor to Golladay’s poor season is the QB play, and I’m not talking about Daniel Jones.  The final 6 games of the season had Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm playing QB.  Those 2 played some of the worst football I have ever seen at QB.  Again, absolutely nobody was thriving with those two at QB.  Golladay has played with some poor QB’s in Detroit in the past and still produced, which is telling to how bad this offense was the last month or so of the season.  I think seeing Kenny G play with Daniel Jones (assuming a QB isn’t drafted) for a full season, under a competent offense will lead to much better production from the $72-million-dollar man.

Look, is it possible that this signing turns out to be a complete bust?  100%.  If it hasn’t become apparent by now, the contracts that Dave Gettleman handed out are not always structured very well.  Golladay also missed 3 games due to injury, which was a bit of a concern when the Giants signed him.  There was also some chatter out there last season that Golladay was taking some plays off.  So, again it is very possible that the Giants may end up regretting signing Golladay.  But it is also important to remember that the Giants signed Golladay for a reason, and he did show flashes of that even in his poor season.

With a new regime in place, let’s give Kenny Golladay a 2nd chance to be the Giants number 1 receiver.

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