The Giants are being forced to pick and choose where they want to spend their money this offseason.  On Wednesday they handed Tight End Ricky Seals-Jones a 1 year deal.  The numbers haven’t come out yet but it’s expected to be similar to the deal he played on last year worth $990,000.  There’s a reason he was only worth $990,000, he’s never really put up any great numbers in his previous 5 years in the league. It reminds me of another signing the Giants made 10 years ago at the same position in Martellus Bennett.

Could Ricky Seals-Jones jumpstart his career here in New York the same way Bennett did a decade ago?

The Giants had 1 of the NFL’s premier tight ends in Jeremy Shockey from 2002-2007. Following his departure, the Giants went through a number of years rolling out cheap players that performed pretty well in Kevin Boss, Jake Ballard, and Martellus Bennett.  Bennett was the best of the bunch. In 2012, the Giants handed Bennett, who had spent the previous 4 years as Jason Witten’s backup in Dallas, a 1 year 2.5-million-dollar contract. That season Bennett put up 626 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.  Those aren’t gaudy numbers but they are very solid statistics for a tight end.  The solid season with the Giants led to him signing a 4 year 20.4-million-dollar deal with the Bears the next offseason, and he would go on to become one of the NFL’s best tight ends for the next few years. Now, am I sitting here saying that Ricky Seals-Jones is the next Martellus Bennett?  No, not necessarily, but there are certainly parallels between the two signings.

Through Bennet’s first 4 years in the league he totaled 846 yards and 4 touchdowns. Seals-Jones has had 1,044 yards and 10 touchdowns through his first 5 years in the league (he missed the 2020 season due to injury).  Seals-Jones may have had better opportunities than Bennett did as Jason Witten didn’t miss a game from 2008-2011.  With that being said, the Giants have seen first-hand what Seals-Jones can do with the right opportunity as he made one hell of a catch against the G-Men last year.  If Seals-Jones does end up being the Giants main option at tight end, I think he has a chance to truly capitalize on an opportunity that would help both the Giants and himself, kind of like Bennett did back in 2012.

Will Seals-Jones be the only player the Giants bring in at tight end?  Surely not.  The options behind him are not too pretty.  Whether Ricky Seals-Jones becomes a depth piece or the starting tight end, I think this is a low risk, high reward signing for the New York Giants.

Maybe, just maybe, Ricky Seals-Jones can end up being the next Martellus Bennett a-la 2012.




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